Expanding My Reach into Dapps like D.Buzz and Noise.Cash!

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I was holding out for #projectbank but decided yesterday that I should be more open minded and explore decentralized apps like D.Buzz and Noise.Cash.

Why? Because there's nothing to loose. My only concern is that there's only so much time in the day, and I want to stay focused with my energy.


What Changed My Mind?

I want to continue to be open minded, and not limit myself based on preconceived notions. When it comes to social media apps in general it's low quality content that is the real turn off for me. I'm ok if there's different languages, or short format posts, all different kinds of subjects, no issue with that. It's more that when I see some networks cluttered with essentially spam posts that I loose interest.

My solution is two fold, one I will be selective with the authors I follow and secondly I plan to mainly utilize these networks to further expand the reach of the content I make here in LeoFinance!

If it turns out these networks aren't for me then there's nothing stopping me from cutting my looses and moving on.

D.Buzz and Noise.Cash Profiles

If you happen to be active on either of these networks I would be happy to give you a follow and connect over there. I've been hearing that there's a strong LEO contingent over on Noise.Cash!

Join Me on D.Buzz & Noise.Cash Apps!



My Social Dapp Strategy

I'm full time crypto, so I should be exploring all of the tools at my disposal right? It's as simple as that, and if some of them don't work out it's not a big deal, but I want to be open minded about what's out there and exploring my options so that I can reach my full potential.

You can bet that I'm going to give #projectBlank a go when it rolls out and add it to the mix.

I'm going into these social apps with almost no expectations of earning anything, it's simply a way to expand my reach, meet people, engage with people from time to time and enjoy the crypto metaverse. That's the value add for me.

My Encrypted and Decentralized Meta Strategy

The addition of these 2 Dapps into my work flow is part of my larger meta strategy to shift further and further into decentralized censorship resistant technologies whenever possible.

I'm actively working towards transitioning away from centralized tech at every opportunity, and this fits nicely into this strategy.

The Leo Difference

This is just a short post but before I wrap up I want to give a shout out to the authors on LeoFinance that deliver thoughtful quality content day in and day out. I have never experienced a social platform with content of this quality. It's fresh, and it's inspiring!

Ciao for now,


Social Links: LeoFinance | Publish0x | D.Buzz | Noise.Cash

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Ya I have to participate into as much as dapps in the next time

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Right on, all the power to ya! I can't say for sure that these to stay in my content mix long term but you don't know unless you try it..

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