Amazon Buying MGM For Whopping $8.45 Billion

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Breaking news of Amazon striking a deal to buy up MGM, It's studios, and IP for nearly 9 Billion dollars. Anyone that watches amazon prime should be pretty pumped about this, there's a ton of content coming your way!

With 200 Million Prime users and a reported 175 Million of them using the streaming services that's a whole lot of happy customers. Amazon just took their streaming game to another level in efforts to compete with rivals Netflix and Disney.


Content Content and More Content

If Amazons purchase of MGM is approved by the FTC there's an absolute shit ton of content heading to Prime. MGM, it's studios, and labels, and intellectual property include nearly 100 years of film and tv production.

Popular content includes: James Bond, Legally Blonde, Shark Tank, Rocky, Robocop, Princes Bride, Malcom in the Middle, The Hobbit, The Cabin in the Woods, Hannibal, Stargate, on and on and on!

Known for its roaring lion logo, MGM is one of the oldest Hollywood studios, founded in 1924 when films were silent. It has a long list of classics in its library, including Singin' in the Rain. More recent productions include reality TV staples Shark Tank and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," as well as the upcoming James Bond movie No Time to Die.

Amazon has been crushing it lately with hit shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel that's been cleaning up awards left right and centre, and now they're adding another studio and not just any studio, MGM.

Streaming Wars Heating Up

A quick look at the streaming numbers tells us that Netflix is still the king but amazon has come on fast utilizing it's existing Prime member user base to jump start is streaming audience and it's worked!

There's an estimated 200 million Prime members and of those an estimated 175 Million have used the streaming service which is included for free in the membership.

With the addition of MGM to Amazons offerings I can see them catching up to Netflix's reported 207 Million users. Here's the story by the numbers:

Netflix - 207 Million Users
Amazon - 175 Million Users
Disney - 100 Million Users

What's your streaming service of choice?

Netflix, Amazon, Disney, None of the above! Let me know below. Personally I have a Prime membership but I don't use the streaming service or any streaming service for that matter.

That's just me, I still use Torrents for downloading a few shows and the occasional movie. Speaking of which I still have Army of the Dead to watch!

Ciao for now,


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None of the above. I think you can find things online usually. I don't really think I need express shipping as much either so I don't bother getting prime.

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Can definitely make do without especially if you're resourceful online.

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You can count me as one of the happy(ish) Amazon Prime customers... I've been looking to pare down the number of things I pay for though, so Disney may have just gotten the definitive chop next month. Netflix is still the king at my house too, and Amazon has been a solid #2 for a while. My daughter is asking about Funimation as well, so it really does become a matter of weighing the constituent parts of each streaming service.

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Definitely good to look at all the subscriptions once in a while and pair down where needed. So many subscriptions, it's getting easier to forget about the ones seldom used. Thanks for pointing out Funimation, will check that out. If Anime and cartoon are big in your house might want to check out one of my favourite websites - An absolutely astonishing amount of animated content there including Anime.

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Holy Japanese mackerel equivalent!! :P
You have just instantly made me a drastically cooler dad... you are the greatest wingman ever! A million thanks.


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All the studios are going to be bought out by the big tech companies, then hopefully somehow independent studios will get funding to make better content and have it streamed somewhere else.

Good point and something I thought about touching on a little in the post but didn't. This is yet another massive merger in the world of media. The concentration of ownership is insane, and did it just get that much tougher on indie studios?

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You would think it would be easier for them to get on the streaming networks, since they wouldn't have to worry about the brokers to make their deals through Hollywood.

This is really good news for the Amazon Prime members as they will get more content to watch.

like a TON of new content,.. game changer? possibly..

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I heard the news yesterday but I could not make of what company Amazon
wanted to buy.
I use Prime everyday and you get a discount at Wholefoods with Prime.
I watch quite a few shows and it will be a plus since TV Programming
is changing everyday now.
I do not see why I have to pay for a Netflix when I hardly watch TV
and I get Prime video with Prime service.


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whoa wait, Prime membership gets a discount at whole foods? I had no idea, I mean I remember Amazon bought whole foods a while ago but didnt know there' was a discount. I live in massive city but actually dont have a whole foods in my neighborhood. I prefer it this way, there's actually very little chains here, mostly mom and pop shops and you cant say that for 99% of this city,...but doesn't mean that I wouldn't look into having whole foods delivered.

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Interesting.. I thought Amazon had fewer users than that... this move could actually bring them to parity with Netflix then. They already have better pricing but they were lacking content, in my opinion.

I actually use all of them! Netflix is my main streaming service and is responsible for the bulk of my screen time, followed by Prime, which has a few decent productions, and then Disney, which I pretty much got for The Mandalorian.

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With the addition of content you dont think Prime membership would go up do you? But agreed, I think this will go a long ways in bringing them closer to parity.

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Right as Amazon is coming under anti-trust. We will see how the Feds handle this. I bet they let it go through since they rarely stop anything of importance.

Great find and breaking news. We need more of this on Leofinance.

Thanks for the 411. I had not come across the news.

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Figured I would share a bit of non-crypto businesses news for a change 😃 There's bound to be some happy prime members today, but on the other side of the coin I don't see consolidation of media as a good thing, at least not at the level we're now seeing with the largest tech companies in the world just gobbling up everything in sight.

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Interesting. My streaming service of choice is MUBI, with only 30 movies at a time and mainly arthouse / film festival type of movies.

I studied film and have a pretty unique taste in movies, plus I am not great at making choices and there's just too much content to dig through on Netflix.

Never tried Amazon Prime ( as of yet and I can find Disney content on watchcartoononline for free.


Love that cartoon site, in fact I just recommended it to someone in the comments above! MUBI sounds cool, especially for those indie movie fans out there.

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cheers 🍻

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I watch a lot of disney+ content, but it is very limited and what you see most like marvel and star wars is not constantly renewed, instead I think this purchase of amazon will be a step to overcome netflix which by the way has been in decline for months due to the cancellation or exit of the catalog of really good movies.

If this purchase is approved, I would be more willing to buy amazon prime.

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Happy Amazon Prime viewer here! Tend to switch between Prime and Netflix quite often, but this move will brinng even more great stuff to Prime!

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This is going to be a very big move for Amazon, they should go ahead to buy MGM. This will give them a very big step and rise to have more subscribers to equal or pass Netflix users.

I watch my movies with Amazon and it gives me exactly what I want. I'm so happy about this big move amazon is taking to satisfy it users/customers.

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