Orca Security deploys ChatGPT to secure the cloud and other things that you need to know about OpenAI bot

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Recently, the release of OpenAI ChatsGPT has generated a lot of comments, I have read a lot of news, articles about AI. But to be honest, bots are stylishly replacing humans in every aspect, both in science and latest technology. It reduces the human workload, which some people says it is beneficial.

OpenAI ChatsGPT3 which was rolled out a few days ago. Reportedly, it processes users' solution much faster for all queries and has the ability to do all things

Although the way some view AI is different than others. When it comes to blogging, people might think of it as plagiarism and farming. Because instead of you doing the work, the bot does it all for you, at the end of it all the system will be less human and information will become irrelevant.

Looking at AI in the crypto industry is a great tool, some crypto companies have even started using it for market analyzers and others. The release of ChatGPT3 might not be great for blogging, but I think it's a great tool that some industries need.

One of the top security companies, Orca Security, has already used ChatGPT AI to help with Cloud Cybersecurity. So why not a good tool?.

Orca Security was founded in 2019 by Israeli entrepreneurs Avi Shua and Gil Geron. It is software that analyzes the customer's cloud environment to identify potential threats and propose a solution.

Orca Security launched the use of ChatGPT after it was released by OpenAI to detect and mitigate cloud risks. By combining ChatGPT with security data, Orca greatly use of a chatbot in a way that will be benefits every user and protects them from risk.
This software made by Orca, which combines the OpenAI chatbot with their own data security, uses an implemented alarm to provide feedback to AI-Powered by OpenAI when the system identifies a threat on the customer's system. The chatbot then comes up with a solution on how to catch the threat and automatically generates tickets so that the weakness can be easily tracked by IT support to provide a solution.

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Apart from the security level, many people have testified that OpenAI ChatsGPT3 is able to debug code and interpret a source code for programming, yes it will actually help programmers to solve problems so quickly.

I think ChatGPT will be more welcome in some areas than writing areas because blogging needs the system that is human interactive, emotional, which bot is not.

One thing that is not clear to me is that "if AI is being used, which I know is easy to detect with various tools that detect what the AI is doing from a human, that's exactly @taskmaster refers to the bot lawyer, so are we going to consider AI writing to plagiarism? I believe everyone will likely want to go against it in writing in the future, orelse we build a system that will detect AI made immediate a post is publish but won't attract penalty.

The system detector can simply implemented on the site identify bot write with a symbol on the article so people will know how to control their vote. Don't get me wrong we all want something that will make work easier for us.

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