How good did you Treat Animals?

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Animals deserve a peaceful life as humans. Animals are an important part of our ecosystem and they help us tremendously. But sometimes we forget that they are also living beings. We constantly laugh at them, and these poor creatures can not even express their feelings and grief. Animal abuse has become an international problem. This problem should be solved as soon as possible and eliminated for good.

We become cruel to animals for two reasons: one to satisfy our needs and one to have fun. We also use animals for their hide, skin, flesh, teeth and horns. Sometimes we apply paint that damages the skin, we even burn cookies without thinking about it. Sometimes a tea house owner will pour hot musty water in, which is a good example of animal cruelty.

Animal skin is used in the textile industry. Their hair and hair are used to make the exotic fabrics we use. The teeth, horns, skins and skins of animals are used to make home accessories that we use beautifully to decorate our homes, without thinking about the pain the animals have to endure to give us this luxury.

Another sector that contributes to animal cruelty is the cosmetic industry. When we buy cosmetics, we always make sure that the product is safe for our skin. But we are hardly aware that these products have been tested on animals before they reach us. The chemicals are often injected into the bodies of animals or applied to the skin. Sometimes they also have a vision test. And if the test fails, it sometimes leads to the death of the animal. These tests also cause itching and a burning sensation. But people continue to torture animals for our own purposes.


Our advanced medical science also plays a role in harassment of animals and our cruelty to them. The animals undergo a drug test. They are then injected with the test medications without thinking about their pain. For experiments, they are often stored at freezing temperatures. We also abuse animals in zoos and circuses. The place where they are stored is often not clean. The feeding methods are also not very hygienic. This leads to various diseases and often to death.

Many animals and birds are sold daily on behalf of pets. These animals are kept in cages or in chains. They are usually beaten. Traffickers often beat stray dogs when they find themselves missing. Many cows roam the landfills in search of food. Fast shipping tends to affect many animals. These are all examples of animal cruelty.

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But enough! Humans who are considered the most intelligent creatures on Earth must stop playing with the lives of these poor creatures. We must raise our voice and stop being cruel to animals. We need to introduce strong new animal protection laws. Every school should teach students to respect and protect our animal friends. Parents should treat animals with respect and love themselves and teach students the same.

We must always remember one thing: we cannot live without animals. Everything on Earth has its own purpose. Animals help balance our ecosystem. We must take up the challenge and save our environment, our mother earth and our animals.
Now is the time to stop treating these poor animals. They are also living things, and they are very important to us, because without them the whole ecosystem is out of balance. We need to raise awareness and end this cruelty to animals.

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