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I got rekt by one of the dice games that still exist on this blockchain today. Haven't learned my lesson yet so I lost more tokens XD

I'd still gamble for the thrill but not really looking at the games as a get rich quick scheme. I like the part where there is transparency in the transactions recorded on the blockchain. It keeps the paranoia away like you're being cheated by the system.

I think casino dapps are inevitable and I'll be more surprised if these don't prosper once we get more people onboard. This blockchain has monetary rewards as part of the main incentives so it's more weird to think gambling won't be a norm in the future.

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I remember that dice game and the problem they caused back then but didn't want to mention it in the post as I didn't recall the details exactly.

I'm not a gambler but I know many would use such dapps. And as you say, casino dapps are inevitable.


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If you were thinking about magicdice, that's the one. They just shutdown operations and took the money without notice and in a flash.

Same games are hosted by epicdice and kryptogames based on Hive and Steem. Still functional but low traffic.

Thank you :D

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Yes, I was referring to magicdice. I remember many were upset. I didn't play any, so no loss on my behalf 🙂

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Yeah it was partly because some really rolled hard for that game and had major losses. The only consolation to look forward to was earning dividends from tokens gained from playing but even that went poof as soon as magicdice bailed out without a word. It sucks though, they had good business running and was earning a lot.

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