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RE: Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Creates A Forum To Decentralize Social Media - Thinks HIVE (Blockchain) is Crap

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Wow, when I reply him on Twitter I didn't know he was the co-founder of Wikipedia.

When he reply me I didn't expect the reaction of a lot of Hive accounts, such as 3speak and others. I think AusbitBank witness likes my reply. is probably the closest we have to a fairly successful and growing site that is committed to free speech and open source, which does use blockchain; but I don’t think it’s quite fully decentralized yet.

When I read that in his page, I inmediately knew that he don't know the hole picture.

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He certainly lacks the understanding. That much is very clear. I don't even think of Minds as a proper blockhcain social media. I would rather use Steemit.

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