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I still remember quite vividly when I first saw and touched an iPhone 2G. It was out of this world and I was still rocking a Nokia, I don't remember exactly the model, but it was definitely not a touch screen one. The iPhone is a stepping stone and it was damn expensive right from the first model they launched.

It was far from perfect and it stubbornly continued to rock poor batteries throughout the span of quite a few years of existence. Despite not being an iPhone fan and never owning one, I can't overlook the impact it had on the smartphones industry.

Same thing happens in the auto industry now with Tesla. I saw my first Tesla back in 2016, when I was living in Germany. It was a taxi, and after I moved to Norway I got to see Teslas driving by, one after another. Oslo is the heaven of Teslas in Europe.

The first Model S that I saw in Romania was a few years ago and quite soon after that I drove by a model X and until this year, when Tesla has officially opened its first showroom in Romania, these were rarities on our Romanian roads. Pretty much like the iPhone 2G was back in the days among the phones we used to have.


They're the stepping stone of what's to come and proof of that is the number of Teslas I get to see in my home town every single day. Most of them are tourists, some Romanian, others from foreign lands, but they're here and they've come in higher numbers than last year and we will for sure have even more driving on our shitty roads the year to come.

The future is electric, is internet connected and most of it will be fully autonomous. I have no doubt about that. Cryptocurrency is somehow at the same mass adoption level that the iPhone was over a decade ago. It's still far from being wide spread among the world's population, but it's an idea who's time has come.

Although blockchain technology and crypto is something to live on a day to day basis for some of us, imagine that there are billions around the world who haven't even heard of it. Probably even some of the more tech friendly ones might not be owning crypto. I bet 50% of all the ones I saw driving Teslas this weekend, don't own crypto.

We're still early in this human revolution, and the potential blockchain technology has is almost infinite, but being grounded in this space for quite a while and reading @taskmaster4450 posts about the metaverse, I'm starting to connect the dots and sort out the puzzle of the future in a way.


We're entering an era where societal inequalities will be abolished, where geolocation will be meaningless when it comes to create wealth and live in abundance, when currencies as we know them will radically change and many businesses and even a bunch of mundane tasks will be tokenized.

Blockchain and crypto gave birth to a new type of ownership. We're entering an era where diplomas will be worthless, working offices will no longer be needed, where smart contracts will handle a lot of business operations and when literally everything will be possible. All of that won't become reality over night and the transition will be quite painful.

At one point Bitcoin's dollar valuation won't make any sense any longer as it doesn't make any sense now if you own an iPhone, Samsung or Huawei when it comes to accessing the internet via a touch screen smartphone, staying connected with all sort of social medias and consuming content. Technological progress will go beyond that.

If you're reading this post and you're still frustrated Bitcoin hasn't reached your sell targets yet, have a look in the mirror and congratulate yourself, you're an early adopter holding "the iPhone of technology" in our hand. We're still early in this game...

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Good analogy. At the beginning I was not a fan of iPhone but once I tried out the IPhone 4 I become unconditional user.
I hope for the same with blockchain

You will fall in the same pattern.

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I think I felt already 🤣

crypto is opening new horizons to everyone. imagine like all the filipino and venezuelans that hot 1400$ from Axie instead of 200$ for a hard day to day job. this being just one of the many examples. i think even for Romania 1400$ monthly is decent.

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Yup, I have this feeling whenever I get into a conversation with someone and I get to talk about the little I know about cryptocurrencies. I feel so sci-fi and futuristic.

I've still never seen a Tesla, but I know in the next 10 years or less, it's going to be a regular vehicle around me. It's different for Bitcoin and other currencies. The world is feeling the impact at the same time due to how accessible the knowledge is.

I mean, judging by the fact that Nigeria is part of the top 10 countries with frequent cryptocurrency transactions and some of us have only seen Teslas on our television screens. Knowledge travels damn fast!

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