The Tesla Effect

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Tesla was the scientific genus of the 20th century and if he'd be alive today he'd probably be the scientific genius of the 21st century as well. He is the reason why we have Alternating Current (AC) and lightbulbs at our disposal. Tesla was one of the greatest inventors of all time, if not the greatest...

But somehow only a bunch of his inventions got into mass production as the bankers did not allow him, even after his death, to make our lives cheaper and easier. Cuz they would lose control if we would have free wireless energy for example or EVs fueled by the infinite energy of the earth which would make commuting basically free.

JPM was one of Tesla's sponsors, sort to speak, and as soon as he found out what Tesla was working on(free energy for everyone) he immediately backed off. The elites broke into his house soon after he was found dead and stole most of his inventions and thousands of pages of studies.

By no means you should believe that they stored somewhere all that paperwork and didn't go further with the studies and make use of his discoveries.

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On the contrary, some of his works are being used on us, unfortunately. While Nikola Tesla dedicated most of his life to unveiling the universe's mysteries and tried to make our life easier and cheaper through the use of infinite free energy, the elites have instead used that against us.

It is said that Tesla was working on a device that would send frequencies into the atmosphere and the ionosphere(I hope I remember the information correctly on this one) and these frequencies when being rejected from there were able to change the weather, create quakes, tsunamis, and thunders. Now the question that might arise is why the hell would Tesla want to create earthquakes since he was after the purpose of helping humanity.

Well, I bet he was well-oriented but once the elites got their hands on his studies they could start using them to create technology that is not necessarily beneficial for our lives. The HAARP system that was first tested in Alaska and still has its "main antennas" located over there even now "got born" thanks to Nikola Tesla's research.

What is HAARP?

HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is a research program funded by the United States military and managed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

The program was designed to study the ionosphere, a region of the Earth's upper atmosphere that plays a crucial role in radio communication and other forms of long-distance communication. The goal of HAARP was to develop new ways of communicating with submarines and other remote locations, as well as to study the ionosphere's effects on radio waves and other forms of communication.

The HAARP facility consists of an array of antennas that transmit high-frequency radio waves into the ionosphere. By studying the way these waves interact with the ionosphere, researchers hoped to gain new insights into how this region of the atmosphere works and how it can be used for communication and other applications.

The catastrophic earthquake in Maui about two decades ago, a place where is supposed that were found important natural resources prior to that event, is talked to have been provoked by using HAARP technology, the famous tsunami from Japan, a no so friendly country to the US falls in pretty much the same category of "natural events" and I bet the recent devastating earthquake in Turkey was possible thanks to the use of HAARP technology as well.

Erdogan was becoming rebellious and instead of "simply bombarding the country" or trying to kill him like the elites did with Ghadaffi for example and many other world leaders who opposed their agendas, they simply slapped him and his nation with the use of such technology. Tesla's inventions are like the knife, or the fire, the outcome of the use of both of them depends on the ones handling these...

We could have had unlimited free wireless energy thanks to our boy Tesla, if the elites would have not intervened, we could be driving EVs requiring no fueling cost at all and society would be in a way better situation right now if the inventions of such a great man like Tesla would have been put to use for the better of humanity and not against it. We could have... But we are not allowed...

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and I bet the recent devastating earthquake in Turkey was possible thanks to the use of HAARP technology as well.

No, it isn’t @acesontop. That senseless story of HAARP as an earthquake machine is a PsyOp.


Yes. I know that it is said Edison invented it but in reality it was Tesla.

Can you give me a reference to this statement please so I may be enlightened

Google it.

Kind of lazy for you to use the phrase Google it when it's your statement. I'm even asking you for it.

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Verdaderamente fue un genio, Tesla dejo muchos secretos para manifestar me gusta mucho saber sobre el. gracias por esta información.