The First $50 Million Brick of Facebook's Metaverse Has Been Settled. Hand Me "The Hammer" Please!

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Personal identities are going to be "reshaped at the speed of the internet" and sooner than later we are going to find ourselves to be living our own personal realities in multiple dimensions. No, I'm not talking any spiritual enhanced capacities here. It's another post inspired by the idea of metaverses and this one comes from Facebook.

I have already posted a few weeks ago, if not months, that Facebook is planning on launching its own metaverse and although some of its products will be fully realizable 10-15 years from now, the company that has probably more personal data from billions around the world than governments do, is putting "its first $50 million brick" on the foundation of the metaverse.

The metaverse is somehow a concept, as far as I can understand it, that goes in the opposite direction of what Facebook is, "by creating future online worlds and experiences free from the oversight and control of centralized entities". Here we have Facebook which is famous for its censoring and centralized nature trying to create one from scratch.

The first steps taken by Facebook towards creating a metaverse involve...

“We’ll work with experts in government, industry, and academia to think through issues and opportunities in the metaverse. For instance, its success depends on building robust interoperability across services, so different companies’ experiences can work together. We also need to involve the human rights and civil rights communities from the start to ensure these technologies are built in a way that’s inclusive and empowering.”
-Facebook... source


Governments, human rights and civil rights... I see...It already smells fishy from the first brick laid on the ground. Call me a fool, but I don't see 3D avatars involved in the creation and sustainability of online virtual worlds and economies, that involving taking the #playtoearn concept to a whole different level and online businesses to the moon, needing the intervention of governments and civil rights entities.

I can clearly see smart contracts and decentralized governance systems doing a better job than any government has done so far.

I don't see myself part of a Facebook created metaverse and I truly hope it shall fail before its time. Facebook is all about surveillance, collecting data, censorship, mass manipulation and deceive. How can anyone would expect this company to be delivering a metaverse that can be created on totally different foundation? We don't even really know how metaverses should look and work like, but one from Facebook? No thanks...

I am perfectly aware that once these things become a reality many of us will probably won't need a work place anymore. There are already blockchain gamers, traders/investors and content creators around the world making a living thanks to this technology, being the representatives of a new future type of economy, but when you think of Hive and its core principals, it's hard not to wish to be part of a potential metaverse created around it.

Having a Hive account and interacting with the blockchain through different communities is somehow a poor representation of what diversity and economic potential is waiting for us ahead, once these metaverses are starting to get developed, but when you think Facebook and its track record with privacy issues and all its related entanglements, you will probably not want to be part of such a metaverse.


As industries and economies become more automatized, it's somehow clear that the metaverses are gonna fill some "black holes" left by the process of automation. We're probably less than a decade away from having our first "metaverse billionaire avatar". There are already plenty of us who've made tons of money in crypto, an industry that's so young and poorly understood by our current society.

I'd love to be a billionaire avatar in a future metaverse, but not a Facebook's one. I love the idea "of being a simple wallet address" that interacts with the online and offline world, with no identity attached to it That's why I got so involved in crypto from the first place. I don't plan on becoming a criminal that pursues using such benefits of blockchain technology in this regard, but I hate traceability and governments holding too much control over our private lives.

This programmed pandemic has worsen my sentiment towards governments. I love the idea of metaverses and I love what's Hive accomplished so far in providing a smooth going and incentivizing economy for its users, but my answer for Facebook's future offer regarding a metaverse is: hell no. I have enough imprisonment outside any online world, don't plan on further enslave myself online as well.

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