"The Brave New World", A Metaverse I'll Definitely Skip

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The duality between our personal "real lives" and "the avatars" we are online is still quite prominent. I can literally "touch my time spent online" and my community and activities that take place in the online world rarely meet my real world. I can say that I live in two different spaces, but that might change when Metaverses will lure us in.

I still remember how social media has glued me in its nest for some good years, before I decided in 2017 that I have to ditch Facebook and Instagram once and for all. I've become a "free man" then and I wouldn't get back to those online prisons for anything in the world. What abut a Facebook metaverse though?

Well, you would probably be amazed, but Zuckerberg is planning on having one for Facebook and there's no one to stop him. Mark Zuckerberg attempts to create his own metaverse, called The Brave New World and that would result in ever more centralization, leading to a dystopian future. I love how the author of this article put it right from the introduction pointing towards the centralization that would threaten such a metaverse.

Facebook is a one trillion dollar company, one of the few that hasn't been affected by the Covid-19 plandemic crisis and it's probably the best positioned when it comes to collecting data, controlling the information its users can have access to and their emotions. It's a social parasite and no one can do anything about that.


“Facebook, it appears, can’t be hurt — not by major ad buyers boycotting its service, not by state and federal investigations, and not even by a pandemic.”
-Fortune Magazine source

According to Zuckerberg the metaverse is “embodied internet, where instead of just viewing content — you are in it.” That making Facebook Metaverse users as tenants who will pay with their data, “ownership of their friends, their behaviour, their gait, eye movement and emotional state” for access to this so called brave new world.

"To access the metaverse, biometric data will be required. Eye scans, voice recordings, pulse rates, etc. All of this information will be collected by Facebook Inc. What will be done with this data? Considering Facebook has a sordid history of violating users’ data, this is an important question to ask. What laws, if any, will apply in the metaverse?"

Now, as much as I am excited about this metaverse concept and how it can enhance our life experiences on earth, I'll definitely stay away from a Facebook branded one. I am a person who has ditched Facebook, instagram and whatsapp mostly due to their privacy related issues. Why would even think of diving in a Facebook metaverse... It's not worth it.

Whoever controls the data of a social media platform is the master of that online world, and when you think that a metaverse will be born in the nest of Facebook, you should think twice before making any step "in the wrong decision". I bet metaverses will be many and there shall be options to chose from, thus there's no reason to panic.

I first heard of the metaverse concept from @taskmaster4450 series of posts on this topic and it sounded more than exciting, but would definitely skip "The Brave New World" of Facebook. I really do not wish to be that brave...

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What Zuckerberg is proposing is not the Metaverse. That idea is open with nobody in control. It is not what he is seeking.

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He advertises it this way though.

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Wow, a brave new world indeed, sad, but these nightmares will surely come true. The awoke must continue trying to wake up the masses to the truth of these horrors.

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Indeed. The outcome of certain use cases of technology is definitely influenced by the hands manipulating that piece of tech. I don't see Zuckerberg doing positively oriented at all...

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Big tech is perverting the concept of Metaverse and shaping it to be their new little control project.

We need to build a true decentralized alternative. The real Metaverse

I'm with you though. I don't want to be anywhere near this Brave New World crap

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The narrative is simple: just don't follow perverts :))

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Haha yea that pretty much sums it up

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I think a blockchain-based social networking metaverse like hive would be a great idea and one where I would gladly participate.

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there really is something to be said about the seeming appeal of artificial worlds, making us forget and detach more and more that we live in the actual, here and now.
it may sound eye-rolly but it's easy to fathom how two or three generations down the line may not even be able to handle a life experience outside of the metaverse.

So that distance and caution is warranted I feel. We can make use of those tools but never forget their place in relation to our own...

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