The 21st Century Will Be a Crypto One or It Won't Be at All

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I've been playing with this concept of "the tokenization of everything" ever since I joined Hive. A whole new world of possibilities has then opened in front of myself... although I was making shit as a content creator actually. I got the perspective of where this concept is leading and am 100% sure we will have all sort of mundane tasks tokenized, in probably less than a decade.

As @taskmaster4450 commented on one of my posts yesterday, at some point the internet will become as vital to human race as oxygen is. There will no longer be a separation between certain activities that require internet and others that don't. "With every breath" we will use internet. Will the same principle apply to cryptocurrency as well?

I'd say yes, after a few years observing this tech and how it is rather benefiting from an exponential growth rather than a progressive one. Where was crypto seven-eight years ago? Probably most of it on Mt.Gox... Where is crypto now? Almost everywhere.

I am truly amazed to see how many around me are turning towards crypto, owning it, trading it and even mining it. To some extent we are some sort of miners on Hive as well. I know that in the purest sense the witnesses could be called as such, but I see content creators as miners and witnesses more like guardians of the system.


There's a Canadian EV company called Daymak that promises to be launching a car by the year 2023 which will be able to mine its owners cryptocurrency. Not only will this vehicle be using solar power to charge itself, which Tesla hasn't managed to embed yet although its CEO portrays himself as such a green energy advocate, but it will mine crypto.

‘Spiritus’ will mine Dogecoin and Bitcoin while parked and they've gone the extra mile and already accepting crypto payment preorders in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum or Cardano and “Every Spiritus vehicle will be a node on the Blockchain”. The Canadian manufacturer is also actively “working with a variety of exchanges to offer leasing payments via crypto.” How cool is that?

“As an emission-free daily driver with solar charging capabilities, Nebula infrastructure turns Daymak’s Spiritus vehicles into environmentally-friendly crypto miner nodes, which is an unprecedented milestone in the rapid evolution of blockchain technologies.”

Internet was the future ever since all sort of nay sayers were calling for its fail and same is happening to blockchain technology and crypto. It is simply mind blowing from where it started, where it currently is after just a few years and how far it can reach. This thing is not a fade, or a game, and when you start to see beyond the dollar valuation you realize there's a whole reality creating itself around blockchain technology.

In a few decades from now I see tons of social medias such as Hive, I see vehicles like Spiritus mining crypto, being self sustainable and autonomous, I see simple activities such as walking and all sort of forms of art being tokenized, I see a cashless society and no working man. Humanity will be so much different than it currently is in just a few decades from now.

The great part is that all this will happen way much faster than we can imagine. No human progress that society has gone through so far will match the impact and speed of blockchain technology. It is unbelievable what's happening and if anyone thinks he's come too late to the party, that's certainly not true. We're actually early adopters.

There's so much development behind the scenes and so much attention turned towards such tech that it's going to be explosive. Just stick around and have your eyes opened.

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Woaaaah that is INSANE about the car. First time I’ve heard it. This post had opened my eyes to a future that I didn’t even think about it. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp how far and wide blockchain is going to be deeply embedded into our fabric of life. Thanks for this read. 😁

This car company is superior imo than Tesla from two perspectives: greener when it comes to charging and more "crypto friendly" as well.

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Yea it sounds great! Time to do a deep dive on them :) Have a good weekend!

Thanks. Wish you the same.

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A car mining cryptocurrency with green energy charge? Now that's crazy good. Looking forward to it :)

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Sounds better than Tesla 😀

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Cool car!

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The key is to think of the internet as ubiquitous centered around all kinds of communities. We are going to see billions of them. Humans, after all, are tribal. This will result in a lot of localization, not based upon geography but the communities one is in. This will create powerful economies, many small in size, that emerge as the result of tokenization.

Add in the Internet of Things like this car and we can see how many form of automation will take place in the generation of all this. We are going to see enormous wealth created, truly bringing abundance. Do not forget, the digital world does not adhere to the time/space paradigm the physical world does. This opens up a host of new opportunities for communities to innovate and grown.

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Well said. Nothing to add here...

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Now tesla got a great competitor,what am i even saying,this is even better than tesla cars

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So it looks like.

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I have a friend, who works for NVidia in Colorado. His team is solely working on R&D related to autonomous vehicles. 5G, AI, and now Blockchain in the auto industry?

I can imagine that on day, we just tell our car where we go. Let is drive themselves. take a nap, and wait up. The autotuned AI program would tell us: "You have arrived. Your trip has taken 1 hour and 35 minutes. 0.054 Bitcoin has been mined during the transport, and your travel log has been uploaded to LeoFinance; so far, 100 likes and 6 comments..."

OK. Maybe not the last part from the AI program. It would be too much of private information...

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Nice scenario with the vehicle of the future :)

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... Where was crypto seven-eight years ago? Probably most of it on Mt.Gox...

Yeah, everyone remembers the (un)famous Mt.Gox. ☺
But how many do about the other big those days, the BITCOINMARKET.COM ?

I was using both of them, but never lost there even one satoshi.
Learned well the Rule #1 , and in my early days:


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It's the first time I read about As I said to you many times in the past, I would call you lucky, but you're actually not. You've made your. It would have been nice if I'd heard about crypto prior to 2017, but I still consider myself early in this game. There's so much ahead of us.

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