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RE: Airports: Becoming Do It Yourself

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That's going to lead to a lot of jobs taken off the market. I believe the whole point of this pandemic was to prepare humanity for what's to come and where possible "reducing the numbers". We will have to get used with being scanned and "talk to machines". Somehow I'm happy to be living in a country that's still quite far from globalization. Not necessarily a fan of that. I honestly appreciate a lot human interaction.

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There is equally bad with good it seems. To me, it is not a problem of what the technology is doing. Instead, it is who is controlling it that I have the problem with.

For example, I love the idea of a personal AI assistant yet abhor the idea of Alexa or SIRI.

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I'm kind of in the same position. The problem is that these world leaders are using technology mostly in enforcing their mad scenarios. Otherwise I believe technology well used can immensely enhance life on earth.

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Check out MyKroft.

That is a project to keep an eye on.

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