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RE: SWAPPING crypto is SOOO much EASIER than exchanging Crypto | Read and be Inspired

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I see KOIN is hyped more and more by the day. Maybe I should buy some myself. I am using Brave though and don't know if metamask would work on it. Great post by the way.

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After the post I couldn't resist, I tried to add MetaMask to Brave. No problems at all. Use the Chrome plugin at MetaMask website and all goes by itself :) Not sure about KOINOS and hype. From personal point of view, I like the coin value to go rock bottom, ie like zero. When the tech is there, I think they will be recognised since the tech will be great (at least, if the team delivers what they promise). The lower value I can get KOIN at, the more profit I'll make in the future hahaha

It's close to 29 cents for now...

2,9ct :) about the cost for me to mine; but I have low hashrate, older laptops. some mine with huge hasrates so I suppose they mine for less than 3ct, maybe like 2 or 1ct.

I was mentioning the market price. I see it's currently about 29 cents. It's great if you can mine it at 3 cents. What PC configuration do you have?

Market price is a little lower than 3ct. not 29ct.

That's what I found on coingecko.

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Check Uniswap/Astrotools:

Just checked coingecko: KOINON is not KOINOS. KOINOS is on Uniswap only at the moment.

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