Proof of Brain - "Evidence of exceptional skills"

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Getting your hands on a nice income and a great job to grant that usually implies having a shiny diploma that would recommend you to the employer. As a doctor or plane pilot you are definitely not even allowed to work in these fields without the diploma. That piece of paper is the confirmation of your skills.

There are companies, such as Tesla for example, where a diploma or a college degree is not gonna help a candidate too much. I just watched a short video on youtube over how Elon Musk hires for Tesla and during the interviews the diploma topic was brought up and also the criteria on which he hires people.

It was crystal clear for him that diplomas and even the college degrees are not a must to be able to work for Tesla. When he interviews people he usually likes to ask them to tell their story of their careers, to find out about the decision during turning points in their careers.

Evidence of exceptional skills

That's what Elon would much appreciate at a candidate for a Tesla job rather than some fancy colored paper with a few high renowned college stamps on it, paper that would definitely not work for you, but somehow grant for your skills. These are going to get extinct and the way the educational system seems to be ruined by this pandemic is clearer than ever that the era of diplomas is close to its end.


For the early stages of the evolution of working sector I believe human contact will still be mandatory so that the employer ensures himself the best candidate taking his vacant places in the company, proof of brain and skills killing the diploma's high status. I know people who have all sort of diplomas but lack skills in their working field and folks that spent a lot of money to get their diplomas that after some years didn't served them at all.

I am an example that has never used his diplomas. I have a degree in Journalism and never actually put that paper to work and even without that diploma if I wanted to work in the media I would be able to do so. Skills are gradually qualifying workers to certain jobs better than papers do.

The world of finance is radically changing and so the labor market. What diploma would one need for example to work in the blockchain industry? I don't know if there's any university having any dedicated course for that, or what diploma could have Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who planted the seed for destruction of the traditional financial system.

The era of abundance and financial revolution will drag with it into the transforming fire of the blockchain technology many traditional working sectors and transform them. Devs that worked for auto industry companies for example will probably start coding and getting involved with blockchain and their part will be probably replaced by some sort of AI for these left behind companies.

AI will for sure impact the world massively, but I believe that the human mind will still lead the way and be on top of the pyramid. Lets take another example of how earning an income online requires no diploma at all: the content creator. Tell me about one youtuber, instagram influencer, crypto blogger or whatever that was asked about his degree before cashing in his piece of the pie...


You can't do that, because skills are starting to pay off more than ever. The way I see it the world is gradually sliding towards an era of efficiency where proof of brain and work is valued more than a stamped paper leaving the era of paper influence behind.

Imagine that by earning 500 LEO or HIVE per month from blogging, each valued at around $10, you will get a monthly salary bigger than a Romanian doctor. What sense that medical diploma would still make? Well it does, because without it you wouldn't be allowed to practice medicine, but at some point there will definitely be some sort of AI machinery to do that better than our docs.

Sooner than latter we won't need accountants anymore, lawyers, police officers and probably airplane pilots as well. What I wanted to underline though with this post is the shift in labor markets and qualifying for a job from the old industrial era to the new one. I haven't even dived deep in the topic as the ramifications of what's happening would fill quite a few pages on this blog.

The concept of proof of brain is starting to be valued more and more and I'd say that crypto and blockchain technology is boosting it by a lot. There was once the case when you could be an artist without the paper to back your skills and we've come to the point when the skills could back you for any position in the world. That's how I see the right for financial freedom and wealth reserved for anyone on this planet.

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It is also a fact that a generational shift happened with the internet boom. You can learn so much on internet without even going anywhere. It does not mean you don't have the knowledge required to do a job but it just means the way you acquire knowledge is different. People are as smart as before. How you display your knowledge has changed. Although, there could some areas in the labour force that still requires the traditional on-the-school learning.

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I believe that people have become a bit more intelligent as well with the technological boom.

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Your post is very interesting. You're right, the era of diplomas is about to end. My diplomas are discolored by the years, but I don't care, with age companies have the luxury of despising experience. So I will use the potential of my brain to achieve my own goals from now on.

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The proof of brain will kick as of many diplomas in the near future.

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The thing with the diploma is somehow erroneous. If it is coming from a good university in a desired field it is gold worth.

Regarding Tesla, they are doing massive hiring at the moment in Germany and you need a lot of skill and a diploma is a must for management positions. One of my best friends just started at them and they looked at his credentials as he was coming from a Top100 World University. I blurred him and the position out but he has a very good position:

Yes there are dropouts that made it, but most have started schools in Ivy League. Also Elon Musk has two not one degrees from an Ivy League university.

There is the German model of education with different branches, that goes directly into building up the skills for the practical skills and people can enter the work field very soon, the semipractical and the theoretical field. This could be applied in other countries as well as each has it perks and a good mechanic can win the same as an engineer.

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The world is opening up for new ways of accumulating wealth or at least a decent income and you don't need a diploma for that.

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This is for sure true. We have opportunities that allow to get rich, but also like in the ones who have a good degree or not, it sums all up to the person and the commitment for success.

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Interesting metaphorical comparison proof of brain and proof of skills. I agree that the world is moving towards skill sets, not diplomas.
I also agree the education system prepares employees, but now the job market requires skills not training to follow orders and perform menial tasks. Thinks are changing and we need to keep up.

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The world is indeed moving fast.

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