"Lazy Horses" Rule! What Most of The Elderly Are Dead Wrong About

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I often hear elderly people being so proud of them for not having time being stolen from them by technology, while growing up decades ago, and I find such affirmations as useless and thoughtless as an old mans fart. Technology is not bad and whoever says the vice versa is plain stupid.

We often times overlook the importance technology has in our lives, on the convenience we've gotten to and the efficiency this society is benefiting from by the use of microchips and software.

I am amazed of how much data and valuable information a $150 smartwatch can provide. I bought mine, a Honor Watch GS Pro a couple of months ago for around $150 and I have been using it ever since. It has a staggering battery life and its full of features.


Today I had my first biking day for this year and used the watch for tracking a small portion of the course. I actually forgot to turn the tracking on, otherwise I would have used the feature the entire time. Once I was finished with the bike and stopped the tracking, I was amazed by the data "it collected all the while".

I am not a fan of data collectors, but I find this type of data as highly valuable if you are into sports, wellbeing and staying fit. The watch basically recorded the duration of the exercise, the length of the track, average speed, calories consumed, average bpm, elevation gain and also "scored my training".

Looks like I haven't reached much into fat burning territory, but I was close enough. The idea though is that technology can and should be used as an important lieutenant on our side. Kids should be taught abought how to effectively use tech instead of letting them waste time on games and youtube/facebook/instagram shit.

I bet that life expectancy getting increased over the years is due to technological progress as well. Hence, old people preaching childhood without tech was better, should reconsider that.


We can literally print our own money now thanks to technological progress, and blockchain technology is living proof of that. Especially here on Hive we have the ability to print our own money, be our own banks and talk about every shit we would like to without getting censored.

The problem with tech is that it is advertised mostly for its basic usage. A smartphone can do much more than navigating you through facebook or twitter feeds. You can watch over your health with it, pick facts from an amalgam of information that's not entirely true, create content that can get monetized and even trade whatever you can imagine by using a damn internet connected smartphone.

Life has become easier and more complex thanks to "lazy horses" working on chips and software, not "faster ones" . These made google, Bitcoin and pornhub happen. Tech is like a knife, you can make your life better by using it or you can take a life with it, the choice is yours.

I wish I could send this post to every elderly one out there thinking technology is bad.

Thanks for attention,

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Technology is good, that’s for sure, it’s the way we deal with it that is the important part. Checking newsfeeds and Facebook feeds every 5 minutes isn’t good for your mental health, but wisely spreading your attention to things that can be of our advantage is the best evolution can bring us!

true. even scientific research has proved facebook to be a potential cause of certain mental issues.

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People have a habit of remembering their time better than it actually was, and now find themselves on the outside looking in, with a patchy memory that gets filled by nostalgia. This is especially true when they want to complain about the present.

fat burning territory

In summer 2019 I learned that you don't have to have a calorie deficit to lose weight. I changed my diet, but didn't eat less calories. I exercised, but not nearly enough to be losing as much weight as I was. It was actually confusing... I lost a pound a day for 30 days straight. How wild is that?

According to calorie counting, I would of had to of been training harder than an Olympic Athlete while also not eating any food to lose that much that quickly. Which would have obviously been deathly unhealthy.

Rather, I came to realize that one does not have to "burn" fat to lose it. If your body can't maintain the fat it has with the food you give it, it simply gets "thrown away". I won't go into details because... gross... but it's pretty wild. My body just threw away pounds and pounds of fat without using it, because upkeeping that fat with the resources I was giving it would be less efficient than simply dumping it.

Basically cutting out poly-saturated fat helps quite a bit (animal fat). High protein; but also high fiber. There are a ton of foods that people usually avoid (carbs), but there are many carbs that have 10% protein and also have fiber, making them pretty optimal for this diet. Anything that is less processed, like brown rice or quinoa, seems to work pretty damn well even though these are considered "evil carbs".

But that's just my experience...

Truth be told I've gained all that weight back and likely the only reason I wrote out this entire wall is that I want to try the diet I came up with again.

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I am trying to stay away from sugar and processed food as much as possible. That's my strategy for now. Looking more into healthy protein and carbs, plant and animal based, not a vegan nor a carnivore.

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It's hard to get people to change and it just doesn't make sense to them. Just take a look at games, people use to think it's worthless but now there are people making a living just playing games and even streaming it. I don't know how I could live a life without it after getting used to it.

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Are you a gamer?

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Well, I play games quite a bit. I haven't really played any MMO games much recently but I still follow people who play them. My backlog of games is quite large and I play it every now and then.

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