Bitcoin is a Technology, Not a Promise. The Same Goes for Hive...


The first time I heard about Bitcoin, and it was just a "fugitive mention", was back in 2016, at the end of that year I guess. I was talking with a work colleague about ponzis and he was telling me that he knows quite a few who have invested in OneCoin.

OneCoin was about to pop as one of the biggest ponzis in the human history. If I remember correctly, we're talking about a $5 billion deal here. The Bulgarian lady who supposedly was the head of OneCoin is still searched by the police and even by the FBI.

We have had a quite famous ponzi scheme in Romania as well, it was even advertised on TV back when I was a kid. A matter of fact we had two of them of such relevant size and impact. Many have lost money in such games.

Many are now suspicios of Bitcoin because they have memories of such ponzis haunting them. That applies of course to the individuals that don't even have the minimum interest in researching what Bitcoin is and why should they buy some.

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Bitcoin is a technology, not a promise. Every ponzi in the world starts with a promise. You have to somehow lure idiots in and take their money away, otherwise, there's no incentive to put money in something that doesn't have any "guarantee".

With Bitcoin you have only one promise and that is the blockchain itself. This thing has been running for over a decade with no halt at all and it is indestructible. It simply runs, mines blocks, sends transactions back and forth, and secures the network. Plain and simple.

I just read that the lightning network usage has just hit an ATH today. This imo is hardly understated by the crypto community because the lightning network is what at the moment makes Bitcoin a currency. You can use it in El Salvador, Greece, Turkey, and wherever you find merchants accepting BTC payments.

No ponzi has ever had a cap on the number of coupons or coins that you can buy, the liquidity being almost infinite same as human stupidity and greediness. There will only be 21 million BTC in existence, though, and the mining rewards shall keep on halving every four years for a lot of time down the road.

Hive is pretty different from Bitcoin, from a blockchain-based standpoint. We're not of the same breed, but Hive is also a technology and not just a promise. Ever since I can remember there have always been promises in crypto of "the new social media network" that will rock everything.

These are just promises, while Hive is continuously delivering, expanding, and making real changes in real-life situations. Hive has made it possible for some people in Africa to have access to fresh water... Hive is paying bills, hosting uncensorable content and on the cusp of "launching the blockchain-based Twitter" that @khaleelkazi is teasing us with for so long.

Project blank seems to be on its way to being delivered this year and that's when the true power of Hive of reaching the masses will become more than tangible. Bitcoin is a technology, not a promise and the same goes for Hive.

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Unfortunately, the crypto by and large have not been used with that capacity, most investors are gullible and invest with an expectation to make 10x, 20x returns, and like that. That is the reason why it's more or less becoming a commodity. The potential is indeed unlimited, even though it was introduced with that vision, an alternate financial ecosystem disruptive to traditional finance.