AskLeo - What's The Next "Coca-Cola" in Blockchain Technology?

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Blockchain technology is no longer a "fresh new" type of tech, despite being around for over ten years and not getting too much mass adoption. But we have it, we use it and it has potential.

There are merchants accepting crypto as payments, we have social media apps created on blockchain and there's even an app called carvertical that's used for verifying car history that uses this tech. I've actually used it a few times lately. You can even pay with crypto for their services.

There aren't many believers in this revolutionary transformation of humanity through integration of the blockchain in as many of our society's usual day to day tasks or automated process, but you know what, Bill Gates laughed at Steve Jobs when he was talking on launching a phone without buttons and look where's iPhone now...

I don't know though how much of a life is there left for Microsoft. So far Bitcoin has been the king, both on charts and as a point of reference when talking crypto, but what if that changes. This space is one of the unseen, it's not anything palpable it probably makes not much sense for some, but it's definitely heading somewhere.


Bitcoin has come out of nowhere and look what it has generated. It's created incentives for growth for many projects that somehow took the core of the first blockchain ever when creating their own. It was something unpredicted and it's managed to become "something", it has also created a new type of assets class, but lets look beyond dollar valuation.

What's changed since 2009? A hell of a lot has. Who was thinking three-four years ago about cross chain transactions? Not too many probably, at least not many among the regular users of blockchain technology and look at @leofinance. It has created the Leobridge and DeFi as a whole is... so much wow.

What if Bitcoin is not "the real deal"? What if something else will actually revolutionize humanity through blockchain and it hasn't come out yet... What could be the next "Coca Cola" in blockchain?

Honestly, I really have no clue. I usually answer my own #askleo posts and musings, but really have no clue what's gonna be the next big thing in blockchain. I hope it's not something to track us down and help governments surveil us even more, but really have no clue what could come out and have a massive impact on our lives.

I'm waiting for some opinions from the more technical folks around here, the ones that have a better understanding. I feel that there has to be something. I was thinking also about something related to storage, but on the other hand, what's the point of even storing anything, when you have everything available online.

Waiting for your answers and wishing you a great Saturday. By the way, I've been away yesterday wandering around the country and haven't had much time to spend on Hive, but will for sure catch up with you guys.

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No body thinks at earlier stage that the Bitcoin will be such success.
It always make me happy when I come to know that some new business are accepting the Crypto as payments (as you mentioned carvertical).
What's The Next "Coca-Cola" in Blockchain Technology?
That is the tough question and time will tell as their are so many projects working on Blockchain Technology but the real problem is support from the legal bodies...
Thanks for sharing...

It's probably time to start looking outside the legal bodies.

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Sure I can toss out some other tech to keep your eyes on.
Not saying any of this will replace $BTC but I think the question you are proposing is new technologies like blockchains that could be big things.

I've been looking at different forms of Distributed Ledger Technologies or DLTs of which blockchains are one. One that has caught my eye is called the hashgraph which is a new form of DLT. Hedera Hashgraph is the only known provider as it is patented technology, and should not be considered decentralized.

I also kind of like Zenotta for their approach to a dual blockchain systems to prevent things like NFT rugpulls. Check it out here if you want.

Oh and $HIVE, $LEO and this new $CUB thing. All very promising. Anything with utility function built into it. I'm not nearly on the up and up to recommend any sort of investments on anything, just tech I'm looking at, so don't take my advice and DYOR.

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I have to check what DLTs are. It's the first time I read about it.

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A blockchain is a form of Distributed Ledger Technology.

Within a blockchain a ledger, or a financial transaction log, exists. Bitcoin Wallet A sents 1BTC to BTC Wallet B. Since blockchains are distributed and decentralized, its where DLT comes from.

Hashgraphs are also distributed ledger technology, different from blockchains. The only problem is its patented by 1 entity and has a litany of companies on its governance. So its like super corporatized. Which is sad cause the tech is cool.

What if Bitcoin is not "the real deal"? What if something else will actually revolutionize humanity through blockchain and it hasn't come out yet... What could be the next "Coca Cola" in blockchain?

Bitcoin has its place and will change humanity to a certain degree. But I agree with you, it is being usurped technologically. That is why I believe we will see it a SoV and that is it.

Actually, a point to consider in this is the idea that the Coca Cola moment will not necessary by from technology but rather governance. Technology is going to keep adapting and changing. Hell even blockchains can evolve as we see with the likes of Ethereum.

But governance, that is really going to alter all of our futures since what we are doing here can translate into the real world. Thus far, not much experimentation on that end.

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Decentralized governance...

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I would say Consensys, the company behind Metamask. they dealwith ETH and BSC alike.

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Coca-Cola brought together rather simple technology with marketing and global reach.

at this point, the basics of blockchain/distributed ledgers are well known and available for building. there's marketing that's effective within the crypto community, but it doesn't have the same impact outside our sphere.

what we're after is a global "problem" that crypto solves, and a tool/platform that packages it up nicely for marketing purposes.

we can talk all day about the various problems we're solving, but mainstream folks seem to think that money works just fine, and centralized institutions do a reasonable job at providing services.

the use case/solution pair needs to be as simple as "us mammals need hydration and we like sugar".

CashApp / Venmo are rather interesting here, as they have made money management into a more social phenomenon. one of the big selling points of crypto as currency is its borderless censorship resistance. this money is POWERFUL. it can also be PROGRAMMABLE, but most people aren't going to program, they want to USE the program. this could have social platform potential.

sorry for the ramble, this is indeed an excellent question. but if it was easy to predict change, what would we talk about?

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