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RE: Where Is The Future Market For BTC❓

in LeoFinance4 months ago

I thinknthis has been the reason why BTC has been stable for some period to $34,000. Apart from Africa adopting the use of this currency. The world second larget market econmony China also need to stick to influence as well to boost its influence.

And for Zimbabwe whose currency is no longer valuable it will be cool if Africa adopt the use of BTC for theor sake this will help to give value.

I want to disagree that the Modern Africa now is backward and few only have android phone. Nigeria today has been one of the biggest market environments where smart phones are being sold. More than 70% pf this generation uses smart phones. Change they say is the only constant thing. If this policy is implemented to safe the economy people will adjust.

Africa can still help in their own little way but it will be better if China can give BTC a second chance.