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RE: Brendan Eich Says Blockchain Is a Wrong Tool For Task and He Knows About Hive

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Nice :)

If you speak to him again, I have his account 'brendaneich' waiting to hand over.


lol nice. You should offer him yourself. I think I have seen you on twitter before. That would be a good gesture.

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Perhaps :)

I think what he is talking about is a hub where you can draw in your feeds from many social media sites, and for example, a friend of yours on linked -in who is looking for a python dev, can get connected to another friend of yours who has a nice looking github account. Your value/rep helps this along. Or I could be totally wrong :D

Smart move 👍

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Just in case, and a gift of course (I've sworn at JavaScript enough times to owe him this much!)

No doubt on that

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