I am a defensive pessimist! And you?

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A popular anecdote...

One day a youngster asked his grandfather:

Hey Grandpa! how did you people live before...
Without technology
Without cable tv
Without internet
Without a computer
Without video games
Without drones
Without bitcoin
Without mobile phones
Without social networks?

Grandfather replied:
Well, just as your generation lives today son...
Without humanity
Without dignity
Without compassion
Without shame
Without honor
Without respect
Without personality
Without character
Without modesty
Without love!

We, the people born between 1950-1989 are the blessed ones and our life is a living proof of it.

When we were playing and riding our bikes, we never bothered to wear helmets.

After school we would do our homework and go out to play until dusk but never watched (TV) by locking up ourselves in a room.

We played with real friends, not with NET friends.

If we ever felt thirsty, we used to drink tap water but never searched for bottled water.

We never got ill even after using and sharing the same glass with our friends.

We never gain weight and didn't become obese by eating often rice, bread and pasta dishes every day.

Nothing happened to our feet even after roaming barefoot.

We never had to use any health supplements to keep ourselves healthy.

We used to create our own toys and play with them often.

Our parents were not rich. They just looked for us and gave us only love, not any worldly material.

We never had cellphones, DVDs, Playstations, XBoxes, videogames, Personal computers, internet, chat apps, but we did have many real friends.

We used to visit our friend's home uninvited and enjoyed food with them. We never had to call them and ask their permission to visit their home.

Relatives were always near to us so our hearts and souls were happy to enjoy family time together.

We may have been in Black and White photos but you can find good and very colorful memories in those photos.

We are unique and the most understanding and tolerant generation, because we are the last generation who listened to their parents.

And also the first generation who had to listen to their children.

We are LIMITED Edition you know? Enjoy us and treasure us, learn from us.

«-Bash Live-»

Hey! but watch out! That although I am already a grandfather, I can also easily become a formidable devil's advocate. Especially if this means making you think and reflect deeper about some things. Study after study has shown that phones are a distraction. We know that phone use has become the latest addiction in kids, youngsters and even mature people. We’ve heard warnings that young people are not developing social skills because they are on their phones all the time.

However in our current world, technology is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity!

In fact, technology becomes a more permanent part of our lives every day. We work and bank online, students research and hand in their school assignments online and we even order our food and groceries online most of the time. Especially more during these last years of forced lockdowns and quarantines.

Yeah! I've wondered how someone who isn’t technologically savvy would fare in a world in which physical and social interaction is being increasingly restricted.

She's coming back!

Again, technology isn’t going anywhere. Actually technology has become a more permanent part of our lives every day. Part of our job as parents and educators is to prepare our children for the world they are about to enter. They need to learn to be self-sufficient and that means learning proper use of technology. Including the basic etiquette of appropriate device usage.

So, we just need to teach our kids responsible usage of technology. And under no circumstances we should feel proud of our own kids' technological illiteracy regardless of their somewhat more clumsy skills on physical and social interaction.

We must give them the opportunity to learn how to be more responsible with the use of technology. Technology isn’t innately bad. Technology only becomes an issue for children, just like for adults, when it takes over. When kids stop playing outside, become inactive or stop interacting with others, then maybe it’s an issue.

"Last Man On Earth"

But going back to the main question in the title of this article. Are you just a cheerful optimist? An incurable pessimist? Merely neutral and indifferent to what happens in the future? Or just a defensive pessimist who simply watches carefully what happens in your surroundings everyday to take the appropriate actions beforehand according to the eventual circumstances?

Yeah, I have realized that the content in the last ten articles that I have written and published on my blog for almost a month now, basically deals with this subject. The future, the time to come, what lies ahead, the upcoming prospects. And I wonder and I imagine you also wonder: ¿Why it will be?

Well, actually for no special reason. I just suppose that at the beginning of each year we get to think and reflect on these sort of things. Especially with the current state of affairs worldwide. In which I reckon that a great majority of us is aware that winds of change are coming and we must be prepared for them.

¡Don't Look Up!

Yeah, don't just look up! ¡Look Everywhere! The signs are clear and you don't have to be either a clueless optimist nor a declared pessimist to allow things just happen without your intervention. In my view, a defensive pessimist outlook seems like a more effective strategy in life. But yeah, each one to their own. That certainly I am not here to give advice to anyone in the least.

All this that you have read here today, is nothing more than my unorthodox way of making a review of a recent apocalyptic film that currently is on everyone's lips. And a peculiar article that I have elaborated simply to contribute with something for the communities of Movies TV Shows and CineTV because I've never done it before.

"Full Spoiler Alert"

"Yep, I am a defensive pessimist"

But yes, as I said before "each one to their own" because I suspect that in this way it's more fun. I have only taken a few elements from the mass media and have tried to offer an additional point of reflection about the future. Whatever the future may means for each one of you. Including being eaten by a Bronteroc in the future when you already thought you were totally safe. };)

And now the last reflection. ¡Don't look up! in English, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Italian, Czech, German, Malay, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Thai, Ukrainian, Finnish, Romanian, Swedish, Arabic, Croatian, Danish, Portuguese, Hindi, Japanese, Dutch, Greek & Turkish.

«-Multilingual Future Scene-»

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Strong word 👌👌👌 ... it was good to read.

Heey @foxkoit how are you bro? :)

Glad to know you are good and kicking man. How are things lately over there in Estonia? Good weather as to go hunting outside often with your camera?

Cool to know you've enjoyed the read & the strong word hahahaha.


Npr .... I going out every day this what I have all time maid :))
I hop you have good day there and you have start say NO for your government what they do out there.

Npr .... I going out every day this what I have all time maid :))

Oh! I see, excellent!! :)

I hop you have good day there and you have start say NO for your government what they do out there.

Oh yeah, I say them NO everyday. But same as my readers here seems like they neither listen to me nor read me anymore. So I stopped all that hurly-burly already. LoL

I hope you keep having good days over there also very warm. :)

There have been large demonstrations again this weekend, both in France and Austria .
I see them every week ...but...but...Mainstream media, and also here my local news pages ... say nothing .... they say it did not happen :))) .... so you just need to hold your mind strong and not let his shit heads take are life out there so they can vax all shit what they want. Say NO ... and build communities this is the greatest weapon the globalists fear .