MOVIE: Laboratory Conditions (2022)

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Laboratory Conditions DUST 2.jpg

Last time, with the movie Atropa (2021), I presented the YouTube channel ‘Dust’, where you can find short sci-fi and horror films of surprisingly good quality. Tonight we have another one worth watching…

Full length of Jocelyn Stamat’s movie ‘Laboratory Conditions’ is only 17 minutes – 14 without title scenes – and it shows how important is to have a good story. It’s not a special effects spectacle. It’s a story of a human soul – or lack of it – among the ‘scientists’ who are looking for it.

Production is not heavily demanding, but it was done excellently, with a highly professional team and two well known movie stars – Marisa Tomei and Minnie Driver…

It is not only a philosophical and religious reflection of our lives, but it also is a mirror-movie, reflecting the main problems of modern World. Therefore, we have to mention Terry Rossio, who wrote the script for this flick, and you can see whole team at the YouTube link.

I would also suggest to read the comments under the movie, asking in majority a sequel or a full theater length version.

You really can’t get any better when the movie this short makes you think after watching.


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Are those movies on the youtube channel, free of copyrights?

Just click the link and see for yourself, @jesustiano.

Im just thinking about the legality of it, but ok XD Cause youtube is a pain in the arse with copyright, but dust itself is the app where it streams and they pulling it on youtube as a publicity stunt, so is ok i guess.

They obviously wanted as many people to see it as possible. Otherwise, they would lock it down asking some ridiculous amount, and nobody would see it @jesustiano.

Yeah that is obvious, yet i mean the legality with Youtube copyright norms, for example, if the film was made as a freebie, and dint had another side platform to see it, then it would be copyright free, but I can tell you from my university days, that youtube is particularly hideous at those, so Who knows, anyways, thanks and I just saw it and it was GREAT, I loved it :D

Hvala za ovaj tip :)

Нема на чему @jungwatercolor, мило ми је да ти се филм допао :)

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