The Film Genre That Entertains You The Most

The Film Genre That Entertains You The Most

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Science fiction movies is the genre that I like the most, they are so popular that they have been represented over the years in comics, novels, in literature and that to this day continue to have a remarkable validity, so much so that movies most popular in history are about this genre like Avatar and Star Wars.

This genre talks about the possible scientific and technological achievements of humanity and its consequences, this is a fundamentally speculative genre and its probability will be subject to knowledge scientists on which their arguments are based.

- 1885

It differs from the fantastic or fiction that deals with imaginary or unreal facts, since it is based exclusively on scientific matters and proposes future or probable realities.

Interstellar - 2014

There are science fiction films that build their arguments with great rigor Scientist, an example of this is "Interstellar" which won the Oscar for best film in visual effects, since several scientific papers or publications were created with the simulation of the black hole that was shown in the film.

War of the Worlds - 2005

While other sci-fi films that aren't as concerned with accuracy scientific and prefers to explore the literary possibilities offered by this genre, but they are still very good, these show scenarios that are more varied and They can be terrestrial or extraterrestrial or can even be found in the interior of the mind as, for example; War of the worlds, Matrix or Blade Runner.

Rescue mission - 2015

Characters can be human or aliens or intelligence entities Artificial, such as robots, androids or cyborgs, the best-known themes that are Addressed in this type of genre are stories of travel into space, through time, the conquest of remote planets, consequences of a nuclear apocalypse, mutations, rebellion of robots, virtual reality and alien civilizations.

Elysium - 2013

Films usually show us utopian or dystopian societies, that is, ideal, perfect civilizations or tyrannies or technocracies, where advances Technological and scientific technologies provide their inhabitants with a superior and unbeatable lifestyle or they can be developed in a world where the contradictions of ideological discourses are taken to their most extreme consequences, violating individual rights and liberties.

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