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Agoraphobia is a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or that help wouldn't be available if things go wrong. source


A person who has been raped and is judged by others and society develops a fear of going out. He/she feels safe only at home and does not leave home for whatever reason.

Managing your work from home, having your toothache examined on the screen; treatment at home, shopping online and bringing it home, and similar side effects. The main purpose in all this; not to go out of the house!

Developing technology does not hesitate to take over our homes and lives. Although all endeavours are marketed as making life easier for mankind, everything is for more money and the power that money will provide.


It would be inevitable for someone who is constantly locked up at home to create a fake life on the internet, given the fear he/she is experiencing. Being anonymous and remaining anonymous in the virtual world is a way that most people prefer and it is acceptable. However, there is a difference between being anonymous and creating a fake profile. It requires a separate skill to maintain the life of a person who does not exist at all. The people deceived, the lies told and the lives affected in the process cannot be explained only by the security problem.

A single room, vertical and horizontal screens connected to the internet, a fridge just behind it, a bed in the corner of the room is the ideal lifestyle for staying at home. When the work needed to sustain life is met by working from home, everything is fine for the character Angela Childs, played by Zoë Kravitz.


A technology company called Amygdala develops a product called Kimi and the targeted figures are to earn millions of dollars. Kimi is a home assistant and does everything as instructed. At the same time, it records everything in the house if desired. Angela is an employee of the company Amygdala and her job is to repair reported error codes in the Kimi product. One day, her whole life changes with a recording sent by Kimi.

The film Kimi, in which I think Zoë Kravitz showed a very good acting performance, was released in 2022 and directed by Steven Soderbergh. The screenwriter of the film is David Koepp.


Whether we want it or not, we are progressing rapidly in the age of technology. Every product that facilitates our work has always had and will continue to have negative sides. The technology we have today offers enough opportunities to continue our lives without leaving home. Paying bills, buying online products, selling products on the internet and working online are some of them and their usage numbers are increasing day by day.

While it is possible to see similar scenes in the film titled Kimi, it is also possible to get caught up in the charm of easy life. The film, which deals with a simple subject, is very successful in reflecting the tension, and I must repeat that Zoë Kravitz has a big share in this.

Finally, I had read a few articles that the COVID process we experienced was effective in the development of agoraphobia. It was explained that the difficulties experienced by people who were confined to their homes for a while and then had difficulties in going out were both mentally and physically challenging. I cannot speculate about mental difficulty, but I have witnessed people over a certain age who had physical difficulties. When they lived a life with limited movements at home for months, they had difficulty walking outside and it took time to overcome.

See you in my next article, all content belongs to me. @cute-cactus


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