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RE: A Glitch in the Matrix (5.5/10) - Disappointing documentary about an intriguing topic.

Yes, was not a very good documentary, but then the premise is really impossible to explore from the basis of our modern science.

And, because of our modern materialistic physics, we can't even ask the correct questions.

So, Philip K. Dick felt he got information from another ... somewhere outside of our 3D existence.
The thing is, most writers, song writers, artists feel this.
The standard vernacular is "muse"

Further, if you apply deep meditation you can get to a place where you can actually meet your muse.
And then, everything in this video falls apart.

Not because many of the points aren't correct, but all of the modern materialistic physics assumptions are wrong.

Things like thinking happens in the brain. (it doesn't)
That we are living in a solid, 3D world, and if not, then it must all be fake (neither perspective is correct)
That the future is decided by our actions (actions are the least important part of future creation)
That either we have complete free will, or we don't. (neither position is correct)

And the goals of this "reality" are such that it destroys almost all the arguments in the "simulation theory".


If the simulation theory is kind of mind shaking, then your affirmations are even more so.

Could you share some links or names for further reading?

All of this is stuff i learned over the years, and there was no links when i learned it.

When you get involved with astral projection, out of body experiences, even guided meditation, you quickly find that you are thinking. You are you. And, you are not connected to your brain. There are also very good indicators that you are not hallucinating it all. So, it is quite apparent at that point that thinking doesn't happen in the brain.

I liked books from Michael Talbot in this area.