Why 40 ISN'T the new 20....

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Ive been the wrong side of 40 for a few years now, but with my birthday just last week, and 50 just on the horizon, why is it so much harder for me to shift all my excess weight and maintain the level of physical fitness i once took for granted...

As we age, our bodies go through a number of changes that can make it harder to maintain a healthy weight and stay in shape. One of the biggest challenges for people over 40 is a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in body fat. This is partly due to hormonal changes, such as a decrease in testosterone levels in men and an increase in estrogen levels in women.


Muscle mass plays a critical role in metabolism, so as we lose muscle, our bodies burn fewer calories at rest. This can make it harder to lose weight and maintain a healthy body composition. Additionally, as we age, our bodies become less efficient at repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue, making it more difficult to build and maintain muscle mass.

Another challenge for people over 40 is a decrease in bone density. This can make people more susceptible to fractures and injuries, which can limit their ability to exercise and stay active.


Another change that makes it harder to stay fit after 40 is a decrease in flexibility and mobility. As we age, our joints and tendons become stiffer and less flexible, making it harder to move through a full range of motion. This can make it harder to perform exercises that require a lot of flexibility, such as yoga or martial arts.

Furthermore, the metabolism slows down as we age which makes it harder to lose weight and keep it off.

Despite these challenges, it's still possible to stay fit and healthy after 40. The key is to focus on exercises that promote muscle mass, cardiovascular health and flexibility. Resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and stretching are all important components of a fitness program for people over 40. Additionally, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and managing stress are also crucial for maintaining overall health and wellness.


It's important to note that it's never too late to start exercising and make healthy lifestyle changes. By making fitness and health a priority, people over 40 can maintain a healthy weight, improve muscle mass, lower their risk of disease and live a more active and fulfilling life.


40+yr old, trying to shift a few pounds and sharing his efforsts on the blockchain. Come find me on STRAVA or actifit, and we can keep each other motivated .


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Basically after 35 the body starts rapidly deteriorating, nature figures by then you should have served your purpose of procreation and now must wither away to make room for the new generation.

In fact constant and quality exercise can make one above 50 still fit I must confess

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