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RE: Hone Health has helped me triple my free testosterone levels

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Yeah, I am not that country to be eating the raw organs and such, lol. Closest I will do on that is some sushi, lol. My plan is to produce mushrooms and microgreens for commercial purposes and use the compost and such to fuel my personal gardens. Going to get a bunch of egg hens and lay me a bunch of eggs to eat. We also have a catfish pond too that I am going to restock and work. When the hens are done laying and die, I will feed them to to the catfish, get them all fat, then catch and eat those fuckers, lol.



That sounds like a solid setup and you will be much better off than majority of the population. Especially if there ever is a massive food shortage of any kind.

It's just getting to that point, lol. Can't miss out on my daughter's senior year, so after she graduates next year, back to the south for the dude!