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RE: Hone Health has helped me triple my free testosterone levels

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I am really wanting to address mine naturally, but at 40, I may need some help, lol. But 120 a month ain't happening right now, lol. Bear market's a bitch, lol


At 40 you will be more likely to just start straight-up test injections or cream. Both of which cost even more than what I'm paying. So you will always have that $120 monthly fee, which sucks... then the price of each medication on top of that. So for test, you'd probably be looking at about $200/month at least. That's a lot I know and not something everybody is looking to do. For me personally, getting my hormones back in proper order seemed essential, so it allows me to deem the automatic monthly payments worth it.

Hopefully, these prices jump back up sooner rather than later so you can give Hone a try and see how it makes you feel.

Na, I am not injecting myself with shit, lol. I am trying to find natural foods that help with that and lower estrogen levels. Flax seed and soy are KILLERS for test in men. I think getting back on the farm next year in Bama and actually getting some real WORK done will help, lol. Gotta get my ass out of the cities, lol. Go fishing, hunting, and raise my own meats, lol. You know back to real manhood, lol.

I'm with you on that too, I don't think I could ever inject myself with anything. Well besides a tattoo gun at least and even that somebody else would have to be doing it to me. I hear the testosterone cream works pretty much just as good as injections. The only thing about it is you have to rub it on your balls daily rather than injecting periodically. And if you go to have sex too soon after you rub it on, it will spread to the woman and elevate her testosterone levels, which is less than ideal. It still beats injecting if you are weary of that like me.

I thought for a second as I was reading your comment that you were going to say seeds/soy/oils were good for hormones. I was gonna be like oh hell no! Glad you understand how terrible processed and man-made crap like that is. Vegetable oils of all kind just do not agree with our internal system. Plus plants do not have over 15 micronutrients essential to optimum health. That stuff is terrible and wreaks havoc on humans, especially women, they will get all sorts of messed up from that junk and become infertile/horrible to be around... yet it all gets promoted as HEALTHY. Veganism is one of the most deadly tactics being used against us right now.

When you get back to the farm you should totally try to start drinking raw eggs. I gulp down about 6 to a dozen each day. Your body will absorb all of the nutrients and stuff from it so much better than when they are cooked. They are tasteless and I just take a gulp of water and pretend I'm swallowing a pill. Mind over matter.

I also had an extended period of eating raw muscle meat and organs. Still do on occasion, especially raw liver. Look up the primal diet for more info. Not saying that it would fix every single one of your problems or anything, but if you have access to animals like that you may be interested and it improved my life a lot. Although now I eat mostly cooked animal foods.

I can verify that all of the bs about raw meat being unhealthy is a load of shit. I never once had any issues and I know people who have been eating that way for years and they are much healthier than anybody I know. Plus you can look at many different tribes with aboriginal diets to tell you that it works. All you have to do is look at their teeth and you'll be asking where the fuck the godly tribe dentist is. The only thing is it's because they are eating raw animals nonstop. Especially large amounts of raw fat. High fat will encourage any toxins that enter your body to go to the far, rather than your vital organs.

The comment got long... but idk I thought you might find some of this stuff insightful.

Yeah, I am not that country to be eating the raw organs and such, lol. Closest I will do on that is some sushi, lol. My plan is to produce mushrooms and microgreens for commercial purposes and use the compost and such to fuel my personal gardens. Going to get a bunch of egg hens and lay me a bunch of eggs to eat. We also have a catfish pond too that I am going to restock and work. When the hens are done laying and die, I will feed them to to the catfish, get them all fat, then catch and eat those fuckers, lol.


That sounds like a solid setup and you will be much better off than majority of the population. Especially if there ever is a massive food shortage of any kind.

It's just getting to that point, lol. Can't miss out on my daughter's senior year, so after she graduates next year, back to the south for the dude!