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Damn that last sentence cough paragraph cough πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜… I read hmm many times
I seldom disagree with you coz you always raise points I believe in. I agree with what you are saying. I do believe that scripting is limiting. I never prepared bullet points for my presentations and I like to have my own words that follow my thought process at that point in time. That way,I can make changes based on my audience and how they are reacting to what I am saying. It always feels natural that way - less boring.

When I first moved here, I had to apply for survival jobs. I joined a call center where they gave me a 4 pages script to sell mobile phone plans to potential customers. And, they were pretty strict about the script (a third party contractor hiring the desperate job seekers). I survived for a week. I was fired in the second week coz I was way off script with the client and asked him to stick with his current plan as it would be expensive to subscribe a new one. It took them 5 minutes to fire me πŸ˜‡

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When it comes to presentations - I think the best are those that are very limited on wording, where the person speaking is able to deliver interesting, not every detail. Minute details are generally for later.

When I first moved here, I had to apply for survival jobs.

I know the type.

Thankfully, I have never been forced into a completely scripted role - I would be fired very fast. ;D

That was the last one I had to succumbed to. I am happy with what I did after that stint. Yes, as someone who likes to talk (and argue) I don't want to be confined by scripts and limitations while presenting.πŸ˜€

It is also far easier not to have to plan much :)