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Like the saying, " The tongue is the sharpest sword". Our ability to speak is for us as humans to be able to express ourselves; it is not meant to blast others and so we ought to be mindful of the words we say. There are some words spoken by someone to another that is capable of leaving a permanent scar in the heart 💘 and that moment might never be forgotten. Some people say things they end up regretting later or for the rest of their lives.

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Our tongue might make us lose the trust others have in us but it certainly won't help us to win it back. I know a friend of mine who because of a small quarrel over who contributes more to the family let out her husband's biggest investment while trying to say that she has done a bigger investment than that; forgetting that the wall has ears👂👂. They were robbed and lost expensive valuables in the process and to date, her husband has never trusted her with any of his secrets. Obviously, she's regretting the words she said that day because she has lost her husband's trust and doesn't know how to earn it back.


This is what happens when we speak without giving it a second thought, we might end up harming ourselves and the people around us mostly our loved ones. There are times we talk out of frustration and anger, then words you didn't intend to say just slip out of your tongue perhaps you have been holding for too long and when you speak out, you feel relieved like a burden lifted off you. It happens to everyone and I am not excluded because I've spoken unintended words at times. I had to control my tongue and so far the best solution which has been working for me is to THINK before voicing out and this has become part of me. Damages, as well as injuries, might occur when we react to situations without giving them a thorough thought and these can be prevented if we just THINK. Before I react to any situation; there it goes, ringing in my mind, Think, Think, Think and I find myself having a second thought 🤔. What will happen if I do this? How can I guarantee that I won't cause any damage through my actions? If I do it this way will it make me feel any better? When you feed your mind with all these questions, you will make the right decision 👍 and be proud of yourself.

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Most times we are trying to make our lives useful and our kids are busy making a mess of the home, we are bound to get angry BUT!!! ✋✋✋ don't rush into action. When you find yourself in such a situation all you have to do is to calm your nerves and make a plan on how you will get the job done and if you take a closer look, you will realize that it was nothing for you to worry your mind over, it doesn't worth the stress🤦.

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I would like us to remember one thing; the words we say can only have two effects; positive OR negative and it's up to us to decide the impact our speech will have.


Thanks For Reading.


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Many thanks for the upvotes 👍

Spoken words cannot be taken back which is why we need to taste our words before spitting them out.

Of course, my friend 👍
Thanks for your contribution.

Like I Always tell my nieces and nephew. Before you open your mouth and say something mean think about it first if it will hurt someone’s feelings or make them sad, don’t say it

Exactly my dear...mean it and think about it 👌

Word of mouth is very valuable. If someone misuses words it becomes really dangerous.

True talk friend, most of us are guilty of this including me.
God will help us!

Sometimes we are so eager to err our views that we forget to listen to others even while the speak and when we eventually say something, we talk out of point because we failed to listen to others first before saying what we have to say.

The Bible advised that we should be slow to speak and be quick to hear, if we don't follow this advice, we most times end in chaos.

This is indeed really thrilling Ma'am, thank you for sharing such words of wisdom with us this morning 🙏❤️.

Yes...we take out of point so many times without deeper thinking. This is a lesson for me👌

Thanks for your great addition 👍

I'm glad I could add something meaningful, it's my pleasure Ma'am 🤗.

Thank you 😇👍

Always welcome Ma'am 🥰🥰.

Hmmm this is indeed very true, spoken words can't be taken back and also what you say to other people have it's own impact..

There are some words that when you say to someone the person can commit suicide and that is why we need to be watchful of how we talk...

There is power in the tongue, the power to kill, heal and destroy lies in the tongue...

Thank you for this beautiful post 💲

You are right fox...words are powerful and should be used with wisdom 👌

Well done 👍👍👍

As much as I find the “breathe in, out” thing in movies hilarious, I’m starting to see how it’s not really about the breathing, but about how the time you take to do the breathing helps you calm down before you take rash decisions or actions.

Another deeper thought 😇👍

There are so many children today who their parents had spoken wrong words to. These words have been following them to wherever they go.

Words of the tongue is very powerful. To be sincere, the best is to proclaim what is good to your child instead saying wrong and bad words to them.

Your children might not be good in character today but cannot be forever.

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I am sorry for your friend. Losing the trust of one's husband because of one's words can be tough. You are right we must consider our words before speaking. In our current environment we are being told to be assertive and speak up but it but still be with a lot of tact. It is not alway easy as we are human - we just need to practice.
Like you said - what impact and effect do we want to leave someone with - negative or positive - we should consider that.

Yeah, speaking up is good anytime and any day but with lots of discretion. Also, being patient can assist in this 👌, it will help us to think before speaking.



Indeed! It only takes a moment to say something that could take you years to fix... It is best to take a deep breath in heated moments and consider if YOU want to say something or your FEELINGS do! Thanks for the post!