Is AI The Future Of Creativity?

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Are Creatives Doomed?

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One of the main factors in how the future of humankind will play out is the evolution of technology. And how we as humans adapt to co-exist with these ever-coming advances.

We are no longer living in a world where the only jobs potentially to be replaced by technology are consisting of mostly physical tasks.
Technology has evolved, computers have gotten smaller and more efficient, and artificial intelligence is on the rise.

We are living in an age where self-driving cars are no longer a far-fetched fantasy. And artificial intelligence enables much more than self-driving cars.

Should we the creators be worried?

Reality of today

AI-powered tools have reached a level of creative capabilities comparable to those of human artists. Don't believe me? Here are some videos showcasing these technological wonders:


A tool that generates images from text prompts, and does it exceptionally well and fast. Check it out for yourself. They say a picture is worth 1000 words.

The cool thing is you can go and try it out yourself right now. The only thing you need to do so is Discord and the video above gives good directions on how to go about it. Here's a link to Midjourney.AI websiteMidJourney.AI website.


Here is a very similar tool developed by Open.AI showcased by the top tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee:

Still not impressed? Images are not the only thing AI can generate.

3.AI generated music

Here's a comprehensive look at AI-generated music from one of my favorite YouTube channels ColdFusion.

4. Jasper.AI

This one could be the one of most interest for all of you writers out there. Jasper can do a lot. From writing paragraphs for you to SEO optimization and copywriting. Here's a review for you to check out:


And even video format has not escaped the AI invasion. Yes, even video editing is being tackled by AI these days. This tool for example lets you turn text like blog articles into videos using stock footagetext like blog articles into videos using stock footage. Pretty impressive I must say.

Check out this tool here (affiliate link).Check out this tool here (affiliate link). You can try it for free and get a feel for it.

And these are only some of the tools out there. In reality, I am only barely scratching the surface of what's already possible by showing you these.

Are creators doomed?

So should we the creators be worried? Is AI taking our jobs away?
My answer is NO!

What we need to do is learn about these new possibilities. We need to adapt and find a way to use these technological wonders to our advantage to be more efficient than ever.

The true power of these tools lies in the speed that they generate output. And even though there might be some shortcomings in the quality department. We, humans, can't compete with AI when it comes to speed and pattern recognition.

One thing we can surely use these tools for today is to get inspired. We can generate outcomes that we couldn't even think of ourselves, and do it fast. And then take the best out of these outputs and improve on the quality.

I will be taking a deeper look into some of these tools in the future and might even do some fun experiments, so stay tuned.

Negative effects

As with all the great things in life. There are always two sides to the story. And these AI-powered tools are not an exception. What makes these tools great also rises concerns. Yes, I am talking about speed.

We have already experienced spam, bot accounts on social media, etc. But it was always quite easy to differentiate these spam accounts from legitimate users. The spam accounts of the future will be increasingly more difficult to spot.

And we are already living in an environment that is oversaturated with different kinds of dopamine-releasing stimulation. We have an abundance of choices for entertainment. There is so much competition for attention.

So how will we humans, compete with the ability of these AI-powered tools to spit out massive loads of new content in a fraction of the time that it takes us?

The way forward

There are two ways forward. Coexistence or replacement. We need to keep learning to use these tools to our advantage. So we don't get left behind. We need to get inspired by them. We need to create a symbiotic relationship with AI to stay relevant. Because AI is here to stay.

And let me tell you one thing. It's only going to get better and faster at the tasks at hand. So stay informed, adapt, and keep learning.

One last thing

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Creativity is a human's ability to generate ideas and perfect them to make them work for the benefit of the audience.

I think that we humans are still superior against AI in this matter. 😊