Experience Is The Best Teacher

in Self Improvement7 months ago

Life is a great challenge and we all have will have to go through hard times so as to gain a triumph at the end. Many people do not want to go through hard times all they want is just to gat easy success with out going through it right process which is experience. The world is a place of ignorant humans who does not do the right things of life anymore but want a life whereby you don't have to go through life experience but a easy part.

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It is so very unfair when you take the wrong part of life just to satisfy your want, What am i trying to say is never try to take short cuts in life, It is the principle of life that makes it a necessity to pass through the experience of life so as to make it meaningful, Once some one can do this you are very capable to lend an advise to an individual because you have gone through the process of what they are going at that moment.

He Found An Easy Way (Short Story)

I knew a guy who took the wrong step in life. He was looking for a fast wealth and he went on to take the wrong part by doing what we call voodoo he did this just to make fast fast money and we all know how it's hard to get it but he went through the fast process of life and I can tell you today he is not doing great.

It is so obvious that he did not experience, he went ahead to get fast money, It is written in the bible that man must struggle but we all know God is a merciful God. He took the part of doing voodoo to get money and see where it ended him and now he going to do it now by Force by passing through experience now.

It is simply we all need to experience life that is the only way we can achieve greatness. It is true many are born with a silver spoon but that is not supposed to bother you they're the lucky kids. I am saying to you all the best of the best teacher is experience, Experience is the best teacher you can ever have in this life.