This is where I'm at 1 Year into Hone Health's testosterone treatment

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Feeling great 🤩

It's been a while since I last updated you about my hormone treatment with Hone Health. It was actually six months ago that I last spoke of this.

Hone is a company that delivers medications straight to your door and allows you to do all of your doctor appointments online. It's quite convenient. You can even do your blood test right from the comfort of your home.

I'm the type of person who luckily doesn't have any terrible medical conditions to deal with. I'm very thankful for that and I will continue to take great care of my body so that nothing starts to break earlier than it normally would.

With that said, when I turned 30 last year I became curious to learn about my hormone levels. As men age, things can change, and if you aren't aware it can wreak havoc on your happiness levels.

Turns out I was low on testosterone like many men are these days. That is not the case anymore thanks to a fertility booster called Clomiphene that I've been taking for a year now. I also have taken an estrogen reducer called Anastrozole for the past six months. These two combined are supposed to get me at optimum levels and it is working very well so far.

Here are my blood test results. As you can see, things have done nothing but improved, but still are not quite perfect.


You may be like I was and know very little about hormones. It's something that all men should take the time to become at least a little knowledgeable about. It could end up improving your life in a really big way.

The most important thing on this test to me is the free testosterone. Mid-teens to mid-20s is ideal for a man. I am sitting right around 20, so I'm balanced well right in the middle. This means I can stay on the same dosage of Clomid.

My estradiol (estrogen) levels did decrease as hoped, but not quite as much as my doctor anticipated. This means I needed to slightly increase the dosage of Anastrozole. I look forward to seeing how that improves how I feel even more.

The last two things my doctor mentioned to me were overwhelmingly positive. She said I looked to be one of the healthiest men my age she's dealt with. My albumin levels are ideal which means that my liver is functioning extremely well. I guess not drinking alcohol really does pay off.

Then she also brought up that my prostate health is looking marvelous. My level was 1.23 and it's best for men to be under 3. I am so happy to not just have to assume these things about myself but actually know for sure thanks to taking the time to get my bloodwork done.

I cannot recommend Hone enough because it really has helped make my life as great as it is now. I will continue to stick with this company as long as they keep making it this easy to get the things that I need.

If you have any questions drop them down below and I'll be happy to answer.

Thanks for listening to me talk about how good of health I am in. Will update again in either 3 months or 6 months. I'm not sure when my next consultation will be.


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It's amazing. I also wants to have consultation at home. I just hated hospitals. If doctors consult to their patients online , its very convenient for them.

I don't like the environment of a hospital either. This company is super convenient.

Two years ago I kinda did the same but lately I havent had a blood test in probably last 5 months, but I did started taking testosterone supplement with vitamin b12 and a multivitamin plus I change my diet it really change how I feel when Im under pressure I tend to get frustrated, depress and anxious but that has decrease through the months since I did all this changes, one day I wake up feeling in a very bad mood and I thought there must be a scientific answer to this thats when I fall into researching why sometimes we feel the way we do depending on the situation and hormones have a lot to do with it, Im glad it works great for you ✌️

When you say test supp, do you mean injections, cream, or just some sort of testosterone-boosting pill?

Testosterone and estrogen both can affect our moods a lot. I've been feeling great and can't tell you the last time I was angry or anxious.

boosting pill only, havent had the need to go that far and get injections

I see. Yes I didn’t go for injections either because I wanted to try alternatives first. Was a good decision on my part.

I've been taking tongkatali, shilajit and ashwagandha for testosterone. I have not had any tests though. I should probably have some. How do you cycle the supplements you take?

I used to take all of that stuff too. I was also a really unhealthy vegetarian at the time, so I was struggling no matter what I took. Shilajit tastes crazy, I got addicted to the weird flavor for a few years.

One is a daily capsule and the other is 3 times a week. You don't have to take time off them like you do with juice.

Which one you take daily and which one three times a week?

Clomiphene is daily - the fertility booster that shoots your free test up.

Anastrozole is three times a week - this is to make sure my estrogen doesn't jump up with the test and everything stays balanced.

Quite cool!

Never knew anyone could do a doctor's appointment straight from the couch. Convenient for sure!

I'm also blessed to have no serious illness's.. Atleast not yet, but we all grow old and frail😂 im still very positive though... None of my grandparents have any serious stuff going on so 🤷‍♂️


I'm doing my best to take care of myself and keep this thing in full working order as long as possible.

If we don't take care of ourselves who will🤷‍♂️😂


It is good that you do not have any medical condition that is terrible which you are dealing with. I am asthmatic but I do not see it as a very terrible condition...

I can't imagine having to deal with asthma. That must be quite difficult at times. You are strong.

Nowadays people don't like to go to hospital at all because seeing people and patients makes them sick. Such companies are doing very well. One advantage is that if a patient cannot walk to the hospital, he is treated at home. Here in Pakistan, only those with lap boy come home for testing, doctors etc. do not come. Such service should be in every city of the countries it will benefit a lot.

Not only does a hospital have a chance of getting you sick, it's just a really depressing place to be. Absorbing the energy from all of the sick people has negative consequences.

Yeah you are right.

Lucky you, no serious illness whatsoever. It's weird to have a herniated disc at 23, but yeah it happened. Unfortunately, pain management is all I can do.

Great results so far, is there a prescribed or standard time for this medication? When you hit the ideal numbers, do you need to keep taking the supplements? Just curious.

I’ve been careful with my body and do the best I can to maintain it. Even then, accidents happen. I try to reduce risk. For instance I stopped playing sports because I know they increase your chances of suffering a lifelong injury.

The Clomid is daily and the estrogen blocker is every 3 days. As for being able to stop eventually, yes that’s the goal. The only way to find out what happens then is to test it out and see if my body reverts or continues to remain balanced.

Everyone should get a hormone test and take care especially after 30 years and above, even though many of us are totally unaware of this which makes us pay a heavy price in old age.

I 100% agree. It's such a simple thing to get done. Most people have some sort of imbalance. There is no way to understand how to fix the problem if you don't first understand the problem itself.

Glad you found a solution bro. When we lose our testosterone we lose our fire, resilience, and motivation. Definitely something that needs to be addressed and talked about more

I hadn't fully lost all of that, but it was beginning to wane. Now it's the highest it's been since I was going through puberty in my teens. I feel amazing always.

As you can see, things have done nothing but improved, but still are not quite perfect.

Don't worry, as time passes, things will improve more and more and perfection will come for sure.


😉😎💪 that's awesome! keep it up and thanks for the update.

Thanks man. I will update as long as these little fingers work.


Careful you don't get the estrogen and testosterone bottles mixed up...but if you do take photos and do a post. The blockchain needs to see that.

LMAO. Yeah that would suck. Hello gynecomastia.


Now you mention it, your post must include video footage.

Wouldn't an aggressive gym routine with weights also aid in boosting testosterone?

Yes I'd say so. I do both.


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