This is where I'm at 6 months into Hone Health's testosterone treatment

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Now that I'm in my 30s, I thought it would be wise to make sure that my hormones are balanced. Pretty much every man these days has some sort of issue with their hormones. Either their testosterone levels are low or their estrogen levels are too high. There is no sure way to know this unless you actually have the bloodwork done to determine what's going on inside of your body. makes this process simple and affordable. The best part is, all of it can be done from the comfort of your home and you can have any treatment options shipped directly to your door. This is of course in the USA only, but if you live here it is a fantastic option so that you can start managing your hormone levels properly.

Every 3 months of treatment, I am required to do a new blood test so that I can get readings on my new hormone levels. I recently hit my 6-month mark of treatment, which is usually when you start to see the biggest changes. That and the one-year mark are considered to be the most important times during hormone treatment. As with most things, major changes take time. This means that you will be practicing patience until you reach your desired results.

I started all of this with low testosterone and average estrogen/estradiol levels. You can see my lab results in the following screenshot. Keep in mind that free testosterone is more important than total testosterone. Also, July 06 is N/A because that blood test failed and was unable to produce results.

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As you can see, my free t is absolutely through the roof now and I definitely am feeling it. It went from a minuscule 6 all the way up into the 20s now. I'm stronger than ever and feel the best both physically and mentally that I have in years. The only concern is the fact that my estradiol has nearly quadrupled, which results in my body storing more fat than it needs to. My Hone clinician and I have been trying to get my estrogen levels lowered where there need to be while keeping my free t at current levels. This will keep me at my new strength levels, but also allow me to lower my body fat percentage by quite a bit.

When all of this started, I began taking something called Clomiphene, which boosts my testosterone and fertility. My body responded magnificently to it and this meant I didn't have to opt for testosterone injections, which lower your sperm count. During my 3 month update, we decided that it would be best to add something to the regimen called Anastrozole. The purpose of this was to drastically lower my estradiol numbers, which could also result in a slight boost in testosterone. The latter did occur, but sadly my estrogen is still way too high.

To solve this problem, we have quadrupled the amount of Anastrozole that I will be taking. Instead of a half tablet weekly, I will now be taking one full tablet bi-weekly. My Clomid intake will remain the same at half a tablet daily. I cannot wait to see how this adjustment results. My hopes are that I lose about 10 pounds of fat and continue to put on more lean muscle.

In today's video, I will be discussing my Hone Health treatment progress. I will also be showing you my entire virtual appointment with my clinician, which is less than 5 minutes long.

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Thanks for watching today!

Be sure to comment if you have any questions at all about how all of this works. I highly recommend Hone Health to any man at any age, especially if you are just curious to know your hormone levels with a simple at-home test. I know it isn't going to be for everyone though.


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I've been hearing a bit more about testosterone lately and how all of the fear and hate against testosterone for the last 80+ years I think it's been has been because of ONE study that had ONE participant in it! Lol wtf? "Trust the science" loses so many times with shit like this hahaha.

Testosterone is definitely CRITICAL for men, especially nowadays. As you said there is so much soy and estrogen out there coming from so many different angles and areas. It's difficult as a man for sure! I'm trying to help educate my son on these little things as we go. He was helping me look at some of the foods when we were at the grocery store and I looked at the ingredients of one thing and said no. He asked why then I told him because it had soybean oil in it and that's very bad for boys. Now he asks if there is soy in some of the things we buy and to find things without it hahaha. They're too funny sometimes!

It's great that your son trusts you like that to actually listen to your advice. It can be tremendously difficult to convince the nieve that there seriously are things in our food that are meant to disrupt the natural ebb and flow of our bodies. Hard to accept that the world doesn't want what is best for you. Luckily, you can still want the best for yourself.

I cannot begin to explain how much more manly and confident I feel now that my T levels are so high. I always heard that it makes you too aggressive, but I think that only applies if you don't have self-control and are naturally an angry person. Sure I am more likely to voice my opinion in a public situation now, but I still am not going to do anything absurd. This has been such an amazing choice and I look forward to getting my estrogen levels back down to where they need to be so I can finally feel optimum.

That's awesome that you're taking the initiative with your health while you're still young. Probably a very good idea in our current world now that there's things around us in our everyday lives that didn't even exist 25, 50, 100 years ago. I've never heard of Honed Health but it looks like they're giving you excellent service. That's cool that they do video-calls with you and talk to you about your personal reactions to the treatment. Getting testosterone levels checked and treated sounds like an important advantage of our modern age -- just like how we test the oil in our cars during regular check-ups. Now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time I got my blood checked. Should probably do that soon. I tried a vegan diet for school due to a club years ago and it was nice at first -- less fast food, learned how to make healthier meals at home -- but eventually it got too strict. Sometimes I joke that it was too much soy and depressing slaughterhouse videos but there's got to be a grain of truth to how our ancestors lived and ate because the modern world seems to be getting more and more poisonous by the day. Hope the testosterone treatment continues to go well and you put on a ton more lean muscle!

I had never had my blood tested until I found Hone. I hate going to the doctor and usually don’t trust them for shit. Hone just makes me feel like I’m dealing with regular people who actually understand me and aren’t just trying to cut a profit. They sell most of their treatments at cost, unlike most.

Going vegan was a terrible decision for me, although I did pick up a few food eating habits because of it. The vegan diet itself didn’t last long for me, but I did stay vegetarian for several years. Big mistake. We love eating animals, it’s the human thing to do and our bodies slowly crumble without the essentials.

Yeah, now that I think about it -- kind of strange that getting our blood tested isn't a more regular thing. But then again, it's hard to submit yourself to all that medical stuff without thinking you're just becoming profit for some pharma salesperson somewhere. That lady in your video call seemed real nice -- at first I almost mistook her for being your aunt or something because she wasn't in a lab coat and was being friendly.

I agree. Eating animals feels essential. We got two dogs at home but they're omnivores like us. Them and us eating meat don't make us love them any less -- plus we had a neighbor back in California who made their dog go vegan like them and things didn't end well. Sometimes it's best not to go against what nature's fool-proof tested over thousands of years.

Vegan pets… that’s animal cruelty 🫠😵‍💫😣😫

Well these days , in this part of the world men don't bother about there homones since they think the problem is from the women. I'm glad you're settling the pace and putting male health check on the raider. Thank you so much ❤️💕

Most men are too self conscious to ever admit that something may be wrong with them.

You hit the nail right where it should be on the head 😂🤣😂. I mean they always feel like it too impossible to have something go wrong 😂😂😅

💪😊😉😎🤙 yes,Good news! workin it!

Her voice is sooooooo cute! :)

Keep it up.. that smile on your face + how u feel/look shows it's all good! all workin..

She’s so much more enjoyable to deal with than the first person I talked to 6 months ago.

Thanks bro!

Hello dear friend @daltono good morning
It's good that you have the possibility of having hormonal controls and this medication service to regularize the difficulties.
Without a doubt you will achieve your goals and achieve the ideal muscle mass
have a beautiful day


congrats on getting healthier.


this treatment combined to a gym workout can put you into a great body shape really quickly!

I'm progressing more rapidly than I expected, but it's still not something that will happen overnight.

Yeah definitely it takes time! I like to do exercise alot, I do calistenich and streetworkout, I dont go to gym I use mainly my own body

I'm glad your testosterone levels are up, man. Hormones are really important for human health. I hope you can solve the estradiol problem soon. Good luck!

High test is a rare thing these days, so it feels like a pretty big advantage to be in this position as a man. We will see how these next few months go.

That's interesting. It's nice to hear actual user accounts. Glad to hear that it's working for you and that you're feeling good. Thats excellent 👍

So far so good & I feel like more improvement is to come over the next 3 months.

Good luck 👍

Our health is very paramount to us. No matter what we do, we must always put our health into consideration... You did well thinking about your health

Health above all else.


It's great that idea of ​​knowing our hormone levels and knowing what medications we might need in case of any eventuality and the best from the comfort of home

Many never consider this and it causes a lot of problems.

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every 3 months you have to have tests and see how the medicines are strengthening your body

Wow this is proactive health treatments. As a lab scientist I can see a lot of Health issues you will avoid by managing your hormone levels . Keep it up @Daltono.

Sounds like you know firsthand just how important hormone management is, especially as you age.