Hone Health allowed me to test my hormone levels from the comfort of my home

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We all get older ⏳

I'm turning 30 in October. I feel fantastic and somehow manage to be able to do pretty much everything that I was able to do as a teenager. I don't feel old at all, but I know things are happening inside of my body that I can't actually see. Sure my Apple Watch tracks my heart rate and basic stuff like that, but the specifics of my hormones and other things are totally unknown to me. I've never even thought about this type of thing much before, but as I am about to get into my 30s, I figured it may be worth investigating just to see where I stand.

It is as if my digital devices knew I'd be thinking this because I was recently shown an ad for https://honehealth.com/. I think the fact that I've been researching a lot of fitness stuff here recently may have also contributed to me being targeted by the ad.

Here is a quote from Hone's homepage:

More Energy, More You.
Hone treats men's hormone imbalances and low testosterone by providing access to at-home lab testing, physician consultations, and medication from the comfort of your home to get your SPARK BACK & BE YOUR BEST.

So, basically, Hone allows you to purchase affordable testing kits that can be done by yourself at home and mailed into labs for quick results. For somebody like me who recently dropped their health insurance after quitting their job in favor of Hive/Crypto, this is a very simple solution. My family physician is archaic and I wouldn't trust them to give me health advice in the least bit. I'm definitely not going to fork over hundreds or thousands of dollars to somebody who I don't even think truly knows what is best for me. I've moved on to the digital age and Hone just seems like the perfect fit.

Hone's YouTube channel is filled with information that can get you up to speed with the basics of human hormones. I don't think I was ever taught about this stuff in school. If somehow I was, I surely didn't care at the time since I was still a teenager and none of it seemed to affect me back then. Once you hit 30 and beyond, things start to change, it is just the way of life for human beings. No matter what, certain hormone levels are always going to decrease, but there are ways to rebalance your body and mind to combat getting older.

The three videos above give you a solid explanation of what these hormones can do in terms of your mood and overall daily performance. Hone makes it easy to get information about yourself, receive personal assistance from medical professionals, and then purchase prescriptions that can help make you feel like the best version of yourself again.

I paid $45 for an at-home blood test to be mailed to me. After I completed the test and mailed it back to Hone's labs, I just had to wait for my results and then schedule an online consultation. I was a bit nervous because I had never taken my own blood sample before, but it was so much easier than I expected. There are no needles involved.



The kit comes with everything that you need to complete the at-home test. This next video walks you through the entire process. It is seriously so easy and provides you the opportunity to test your levels if you are like me and curious to see what your body is trying to tell you.


I completed my test and then mailed it in after it finished drying. I was able to create an account on the very user-friendly patient app at https://app.honehealth.com/ and that is where you will get all of your personal health info. There is even an active community there with which you can discuss a variety of topics in a forum-like setting. I am extremely pleased with Hone so far and can't wait to see what my doctor has to say.

I ended up getting my lab results back in less than a week. I am no expert on this stuff, not even close actually. I did however do some research and attempted to figure out what the average levels for an adult male my age should be. Keep in mind, that every person is different, so the median is not going to be perfect for everyone. Plus, I imagine that the medical industry sets the standard lower than it actually should be in comparison to how humans were, say 100 years ago and beyond. It feels like society has become weaker and more submissive over each new generation.

When comparing my numbers to the current averages, I'm doing well and nothing is low. That is great news! I still think talking to my doctor to see if I can improve my levels is a good idea. I may be doing well now, but what would I feel like if I were to be doing even better? I can't help but picture myself getting an upgrade thanks to Hone. Even if I am advised to just keep doing what I am doing, for now, at least I will have peace of mind.


I think that Hone is an amazing option for men who are starting to get older and wish to regain some vigor they thought would be gone forever. If you aren't feeling like yourself and lack the motivation to do the things you love, what if the only problem is a hormone imbalance? It sure would suck to just ignore the fact that you have the opportunity to make a change for the better. Hone offers these services at a fraction of the cost of normal doctor visits. Plus it is all so easily accessible online and their app works so well. It is a no-brainer if you are able to afford this kind of thing and live in a location where the services are offered.

I'll be sure to update after my first appointment, which isn't until Tuesday, April 26th. They were a bit backed up with new sign-ups, but I am willing to be patient as a patient. At least my test and results came through quickly. Let me know if you have any questions, but you can most likely find all of the answers on https://honehealth.com/.


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This seems so convenient, don't have to visit hospitals/labs unnecessarily .

It is very nice to have this type of accessibility. It may not be something that every person feels the need to take advantage of, but it seems useful to me and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all progresses.


That's some cool stuff. Congrats on getting good results.

Happy Easter! what u gonna do? an egg hunt with flowerbaby?? :)

Let's hope the doctor actually knows what he is talking about. I plan to try to record it so that I can closely analyze all information afterward.

We really didn't do any major celebrating for Easter, we just went out and took some photos, hit one of our favorite restaurants for a good meal, and watched some of Game 1 of the Bulls vs Bucks.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter though!

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