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@tarazkp who will tell must youtubers this information.
I won't blame anyone about this because this is not even taught in schools.
Let's look at it like this

Someone comes and tells me 2+2 = 4
But doesn't teach me how to number from 1-10 so I can see and understand for myself.

I almost fell victim when I was learning a 3D software earlier before the pandemic.
I would watch a lot of videos and repeat the same actions as my online tutors and when the tutorials was done, i would assume I knew already.

After then I would forget the whole process. So I decided to stop
I started by understanding the glossary and terms used
Trying outs things on my time and changing my pattern of learning.


I started by understanding the glossary and terms used

This gives hooks to hang lessons on - something many forget. Most of the training I deliver focuses on the vocabulary, the logic and the mindset - after that, the features are easy.