Observation and Cold-Stored Mycelial Transfer: Part Three - Petri, Agar, and Transfer Methodology + Examination of Week One and Two's Progression

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Welcome to my summary of this weeks work on some new petri dish utilizations via transfer and isolation of cold-stored psilocybin multi-strained dishes, as well as an examination of last weeks cold-stored mycelial transfers!

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One day later

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This may sound confusing, but, simply put, there were three days of work, several days of observation, and essentially three major steps to this process.

First week's can be found here: https://ecency.com/hive-166168/@trezzahn/cold-stored-mycelial-transfer-petri-agar-and-transfer-methodology or here,

And the following week, last week's, here:
or here,

The process consists of:

  • Clean, Sanitize, and Sterilize Dishes,
  • Prepare and Pour Agar Agar, and,
  • Cut cold-stored Petri storage colonies to these newly prepared Agar Petri Dishes.

Observation of isolations will be examined additionally.

So, without further adieu, let's begin examination!

Monday January 24th - Friday January 28th, 2022

Several of these days were spent observing past isolations from Week One and Week Two, whilst three of these days were spent preparing for and eventually completing my final three isolations.


Showcasing little change Monday, Tuesday it became evident that last weeks work hadn't been done in vein...4 of the 5 were colonizing!


My previous weeks' dishes were doing great too, progressing well towards a cold store -


Observation and Sanitization + Sterilization

Onward! To Wednesday, it is now evident that 1 of the 4 colonizing dishes from last week was contaminated and as so, was to be isolated, as well as the other uncolonized dish showcasing some contamination;


My other dishes were good as well, of course,


So I moved on to cleaning, sanitizing, and sterilizing my last three petri dishes via utilization of clorox and isopropyl alcohol, 99%, as per my previous writings {past Section 1.1.1 and 2 of my tek, written about in Section 1.2: - https://ecency.com/hive-163105/@trezzahn/mycelial-spore-utilization-on-agar-petri-dishes-p2-4-in-a-two-blog-series , -Trezzahn Tek};


And with dishes nice and clean,


I moved on to my next day!

Observation, Agar Prep, and Pour

Thursday, I took photos of my contaminated but isolated dishes and examined some of the bacteria more closely,


And checking my 3 most recent dishes,


It is clear that healthy colonies are forming and colonizing their respective dish. My others, from two weeks ago, should be ready for cold storage or further use any day now -


And with my dishes all in check, after one quick clean of the back two,


I proceeded to combine reagents and prepare my agar agar!


After drying, I grabbed my dishes,


And after a nice pour, I had acquired my agar petri dishes for use with cutting and isolating tomorrow!

  • 20220127_161558.jpg

Observation, Agar Cutting, and Isolation

Friday I took photos of my first and second weeks' dishes,

With good growth seen in my most recent cuts,


And my other dishes showcasing evident positive growth, still in storage, were observed and examined;


I proceeded to check up on yesterday's poured dishes for impurities/bacteria and they appeared to be ready for today's cuts!

  • 20220128_130349.jpg

Prepared for cutting, I got my work station ready and prepped,


And proceeded to complete my final three cuts!


We will now observe the next few days!


Saturday, I checked up on yesterday's cuts,


With no new progress seen, yet, I checked this past weeks dishes, and transfered accordingly;


And then finally, last week's dishes were checked and observed, all appearing to be in good order!



Sunday, I checked up on this week's cuts as well as last week's;


With progress on last week's, one of my three final ones is showing rapid signs of colonization now, expecting none as these were from rough-looking dishes.

Looking at my first week's dishes, I am happy with my progress this week!


Ultimately, thus, concluding my three-day journey and seven day adventure of colonization working with psilocybin mycelium on Agar Petri Dishes!

Now, I ask!

What has everybody else been up to this week?

Stay safe, stay somber!


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