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very unexpectedly, it ends without any mushrooms, too! but curating bots dont investigate into it, they vote blindly. wish you more good curation, my friend!

and I see you are out of muchrooms, here is a small consolation !BEER for you. I wish the new season will be extremely successful, fruitful and forageble for you. and very fungi-licious in terms of photos, too. cheers!

ok, I read more carefully the text of the post after writing my comment, and feeling a bit silly now :P
a great post with an intresting mushroom, what else can I say now. tho it do not look like a mushroom for me at all. I have to rely on the science and scientist's statements in this question.


Hehe yes :) this is a kind of fungi that doesn't form mushroom - like fruiting bodies, far from edible or inedible :D kind of beyond edibility questions ... but still surprisingly closely related to all those mushroom producing species ... as Master Yoda once said : " A fascinating, alien world, the fungi world is "
And unfortunately, yes ... from now on, till the end of summer, there won't be much Fungi Lovers material here in my area. It's insects & flowers season.