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hello all friends,,,,? greetings to all of us.
today I try to post some photos of mushrooms where I found the mushrooms in the palm plantation yard belonging to local residents in the BT 8 keuramat village.
This mushroom has its own uniqueness, of course some are cup-shaped and some are hairy like caterpillar feathers, in terms of color they are adorable, but unfortunately their life is only a few days.

c1_IMG_20220626_151417_     1819f244fe6_5.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220626_152733_     1819f244679_2.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220626_152950_     1819f2445ad_5.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220626_153123_     1819f244409_0.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220626_151911_     1819f244eaa_7.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220626_152244_     1819f244afe_6.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220626_152457_     1819f2449c4_7.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220626_152042_     1819f244c83_6.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220626_152620_     1819f24485e_0.jpeg

CameraSmartphone Oppo F7
LocationAceh, Indonesia

1warm greetings from me


awesome macros of this hairy goblet fungi 😎

Cool mushrooms with very beautiful shapes and colors.

Wow, these pics are really awesome, well done!