Young Cap From Under A Zucchini - Fungi Friday!

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Fresh outta the ground, I noticed this little guy on my way out to work this morning. What better time for a pic than when your checking the clock on your phone anyway?

This baby shroom popped up from underneath a rather large zucchini growing in our garden. There's always some nice shade below those big green leaves.


A small nudge of the vegetable cleared out space for a better view. I'd like to learn how to identify different species of fungi. That would make some interesting study material. You'd have to go out in the field, of course, to really gain knowledge.

This cap on the mushroom I captured this morning looks different from the one I posted last week. That one had a whiter solid cap, while this one has lines across it and a yellow spot on top.


Anyone know what kind of shrooms these are? I won't eat it until I get an answer. Just kidding. 🤣 Hope you enjoyed and...

Happy Hiveing!!!


Images Courtesy Of My Galaxy S10+
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I think the first one is Parasola plicatilis, they only last for about a day before drying up. The last one reminds me of either an ink cap or Leucocoprinus birnbaumii which is often found growing in potted plants. Technically the first one is edible but if you try and cook it, it will melt into practically nothing.

Thanks for helping with the ID. I'm on the path to learning already. The Parasola plicatilis did dry up right away. I thought maybe one of my kids had picked it, but I forgot to ask. It remained a mystery until now, as you've cleared it all up. 😁

Those little guys usually only last 1 day at most. You're lucky to have seen it at just the right time.