Fungilovers-the mushrooms that grow are uniquely varied

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Hello mushroom lovers! As usual today, I really like going to the fields and lately, I'm spending more and more time in the fields, I look for mushrooms in every dry tree trunk but not one has grown because it's not raining season yet, usually in my every field growing various kinds of mushrooms, after that I saw this mushroom, namely a mushroom (ganoderma-curtisii) has a shiny or shiny skin, this mushroom grows on a rotten betel nut and bears a lot of fruit like a finger, then the hood develops,

                           mushroom Mycena acicula

I searched for the name of this mushroom on google lens, Mycena acicula mushroom this fungus grows on dead branches or wood debris, has a small red orange hat, pale yellow gills are whitish in color, Awashila is considered inedible, because of its small size,!

                                mushroom Mycena acicula

categorymushroom photography
locationACEH UTARA

I suddenly missed the ganoderma tea. Well been year's of having it. They grew in the wild and mine was cultures one hehe. Try to search how to make the Ganoderma as tea, its medical.

missed? what do you mean? pick up these fungi, grind them, and have this tea again... or what is the problem? no Ganoderma around you in a forest?
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I did cultured some ganoderma back then, not the wild one lol. Actually helps with my insomia back those days, thanks for the beer

ah! ok. got it. (I live in metropolis, that why I dont forage shrooms here, only when I happen to visit forest -- usually just a few times during my summer vacays). my pleasure!

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Fantastic captures. Respect!!

Yay! 🤗
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the mushrooms you have are very beautiful?

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Wow, this mini worlds are incredible... Thanks again for sharing such good shots, it made me to rethink the life I share with the other livings...


thank you very much @m1alsan I'm glad you guys like it

Thank you so much everyone, for liking my photos, and thank you for the comments too

This mushroom is very cool to look at, I like it.

Wow such beautiful mushrooms that you have found, thank you for sharing xxx

Amazing mushrooms brother

Wellcome brother @herryson