stoned ape theory

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please be aware this is just my opinion and your own religions and views are valid and important.
the mind expanding chemical found in certain mushrooms, known as psylocybin.
when consumed, the third eye, or pineal gland, responsible for DMT production which is mind expanding is activated, and our perceptions are altered.
some call it a 'trip' but its more of a journey.
I am not promoting the use of this as it is a class A drug.
The theory is that our ape ancestors began to consume these mushrooms and it expanded their minds and gave us insight and outlook, emotional intelligence and social skills, and may have altered us to have a conscious mind. what do you think? please let me know in the comments!



The theory is that our ape ancestors...

that is not theory -- that is a fantasy! 😌

ps. oxygen should be regarded as A++ drug too -- we have 100% addiction to it. what do you think?

and thats your opinion, which i clearly stated is valid.