Temperature and Humidity: How Mushroom Farmers Do The Maintenance?

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Controlled temperature is the secret to successful mushroom farming. Added, you have complete and nutritious bags of substrate, but the most crucial part is maintaining the water content of both humidity and water content of the mushroom.

Last time I talked to one of my friends @dennnmarc, a hive blogger, they will start their thesis soon enough, and they are obliged to present their focus to solve. I am excited about his work because he focused on the agricultural sector, preferably mushroom farming. We discussed a lot of unique and science-based inclusion for his preparations, trying to share some problems I have seen and the solution he might communicate. We discussed many things, and I saw how keen and intelligent he was to get the points the first time. If he succeeds in his simulation thesis, undoubtedly, the work will be helpful, but first, I will show you what maintenance you need to know in mushroom production.

Remember that this was an ongoing mini-series of mushroom tutorials, starting with part one and until the end to learn the basics of farming mushrooms with me; well, honestly, some technicians and mushroom consultants won't tell you those things within no expected return profit for us. Also, it's given for life, and self-learning costs a lot.

Loss to practice.

Though there are techniques to prevent losses, I was more, thus, a stubborn man. I am willing to lose to learn, over to prevent the loss, but I am not sure what will happen exactly. You might get surprised when I spill that we somehow ignore the unfair practice of our former students. My teaching technique is don't mind if they will lessen to me. First, they need to see the result with their own eyes. From that, they will have this instinct to follow my lead.

Famers will call me to troubleshoot their farms, and one of the problems I have seen is terrible maintenance practices. Here are some simple techniques you must know in mushroom farming.

Temperature and Humidity.

Temperature highly affects the growth of the mushroom, the high temperature could dry your mushroom, and sometimes it leads to undeveloped pinheads or unhealthy primordial mushroom formations. Low temperatures also have an adverse effect on frosting, and even if not good looking, the spore and mycelia of your mushroom fruiting body will show up some icy features, which affects the marketable appearance and value of your mushroom fruiting bodies. Also with the humidity, high humidity affects the mushroom moisture content, especially when watering is done at the wrong time.

There are two ways to water your mushroom: a humidifier will result in a more controlled environment in the production room. This will cost a lot of money. The cheap method is individual mistier or watering your mushroom using snap-shot sprayers.

In summer, when the Philippines sometimes reach 30-40 degrees celsius, watering should be done three times a day in sprayers. When reaching at least 25-29 degrees celsius, it is advisable that watering should be done just twice a day, once in the morning after priming and the other once in the afternoon. "Priming is used to collect your mushroom. Harvesting and priming were different terms in agriculture. Harvesting as you will get all the fruits and never think or re-collecting. Priming meant you would collect all thought out the weeks or months.)

We have this hygrometer as a tool for controlling the humidity and temperature of the growing rooms, allowing the room to have at least 25-30 degree Celsius and 80-98 humidity of the controlled room.

Troubleshooting Your Unmaintained Mushrooms.

The good side, if you weren't given the proper temperature and humidity of our mushroom, is not that loss at a high peak. When mushroom feels the high temperature, they do is hibernates. So some farmers worried that their mushrooms didn't grow bodies for the past week and a two, well if not contaminated, there are remedies to force the fruiting bodies to bloom.

Cold Shock.

They were shocked by the sudden high heat index, so they slept. That's the nature of the mushroom in the wild. That's why you think they were none in the woods, but after the cold and favour their climate choice, they come back to life, which will happen in cold shock. Place the mushroom bag in a container with some ice cubes on it for at least 8 hrs, do not submerge only half of the pack.


You need your technician's guidance on what lactobacillus of fruit juices you could use. I did some research about fruit juice supplementation in mushrooms. I tried different seasonal fruits such as mangos and bananas, and the result is that the mushroom taste enhanced more, as the taste of fruit juice will retain in the mushroom body. It is just a private experiment but soon, who knows, will come more advanced studies.

Fruit juice for mushroom are also present are fertilizers, but the technician's advice is needed, as you must not bring any foreign liquids to prevent cross contaminations.


Or removing the upper mycelia of your fruiting bags. Due to the high heat index, mushroom mycelia tend to protect their body by hardening the upper part, scrapping for shocking it by removing the dead cells, or dry mycelia could force your mushroom to fruit.

It's better to prevent things from happening if we use different methods. Philippines mushroom farming is a challenge because of the high temperature. But knowing really helps us to understand them, at least.

One of the things you need to invest in is controlling the temperature and humidity.

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I still remember vividly what we talked about mushrooms and I was truly surprised about it. It was a piece of new knowledge and I really love to learn more about it as I started to work on my thesis this semester and the next following semesters. Mushrooms are always the best when added to the gravy. Lol! Have some !PIZZA

Yiee thanks Denn, also don't be tired to improve whatever you started. Like I said this has a full potential and later by later as you adds more information and measures surely this will help the agricultural sector.

Another knowledge again when it comes to mushroom farmers. I hope denny will succeed on his thesis. uwu.

Since sometimes it's really burning here, mushrooms farmers should not be lazy in watering it or else it will not do good.
As you go deeper with these mushrooms, it became more interesting and I learn a lot .
Kuddos to all mushroom farmers out there.

Yeah and you talked about me haha. Sometimes I been so much lazy to maintain the watering too, and result to dryness uwu, but best thing happened for I also learn by my myself the importance of troubleshooting.

Mushrooms are my favorite and I just now found out how to grow mushrooms. It's actually hard pala magalaga ng mushroom..

Hehe yeah hard in first but it's will just come naturally by doing practice.

I tried different seasonal fruits such as mangos and bananas, and the result is that the mushroom taste enhanced more, as the taste of fruit juice will retain in the mushroom body. It is just a private experiment but soon, who knows, will come more advanced studies.

That's interesting and you could possibly find something new that could help mushroom farmers 😃

Indeed thanks you Mac, I do planed it to be my disertasion thesis soon. Hoping that I could also contribute something for the mushroom farmers.

I am yet again distracted by that heavenly face. Why do you do this to me?
Oh, mushrooms need a lot of water because of the country's weather. Three times a day is like feeding a baby already lol.

Uwu that face of angel? Talk like angel? But not a angel haha.

Yeah 90% was water na sa katawan ng mushroom.

It's amazing how many factors are involved in successful mushroom farming. Thanks for putting all of this together!

That 's important!! mushrooms need humidity right?

I hope mushroom farm business would one day boom in the Philippines, one thing Filipinos lack is education about the benefits of this substance. this could be a lucrative business, healthy too. great post!

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Yung computer lang alam ko na tinotroubleshoot 😂..
Mas bata ka jan sa photo...
Hirap dn pla mag alaga ng mushrooms..dami considerations.


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Looks like I have found the right person that is you @eunoia101 , I am very obsessed with mushrooms, I can learn a lot from you, thank you very much for sharing.