Do Mushroom Growers Get Poisoned With Edible Mushrooms? Yes.

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As supervisors and field teachers, we don't just focus on the production status and the profitable returns of mushroom farming and business, some might not explain, but I always do. There is a health risks in starting mushroom production, from the production of bags and even from harvesting your mushroom. It doesn't mean it was edible. It's all safe, NO. Mushrooms could kill you; though this was edible, what you should do is protect yourself from them. It's better to prevent than to cure, that always says to my student farmers.

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This is part five of the mini-series about mushroom production. Hence we will be discussing the idea behind the poisons. This way, you could prevent bad things from happening. In mushroom cultivation, there was a risk of health issues that was listed a long time ago. Also, eating mushrooms becomes a problem because most people are afraid of consuming some. This is one of the hindrances we face. As we love introducing mushrooms in the market, some are still blinded by the poisons it contains.

We cannot judge people for their idea; when I was young, I also saw a family of two die because of a mushroom. The reason? Wrong identification and the idea that mushrooms with no ring are edible. As the modern promoters of mushroom cultivation, we were trying to explain things and why sometimes it feels weird.

Reading my experience will help you decide if you will still cultivate.

Thou its edible, you can still be poisoned:

  • By spores.
  • By unclean production.
  • Environment.
  • Wrong handle.


Mushroom releases spores in the air, tiny particles that absorb with our nose. This will result in some lung problems. A significant problem encountered by a mushroom cultivator in old times. I also did not care that I was poisoned by these spores. I was careless and went into the production area anytime I wanted. This resulted in my vomits and sickening feelings for days, as remedies sugar and sweets could alter the poisons, and the next time you will visit your mushroom, you must wear nose protection, and a gas mask is better.

In my experience and looking for the behavior of oyster mushrooms, 8 AM and 4 PM was the time of active mist spores. They release these smoke features. 8 AM starts sunlight to travel in my mushroom grow rooms, and as the sunrise rises in the afternoon. Just my hypothesis, but somehow they were active when they felt lights from the sin were present.


This is also one of the reasons why you should only buy cultured mushrooms from your trusted farmers. Of consideration is your consumer risk. Unclean production included harvesting their mushroom and laying them down on the ground, yet they still used them for business.

Mushrooms have no skin like plants and animals, meaning they are like sponges that absorb anything from their production. The water and even dirt will be absorbed. This is a risk because we don't know what the water they used contains and what the dirt from the ground contamination has.

So basically, you could still encounter poison through the unproper and unhygienic practices of the farmers. Better have your mushroom in trusted farmers.


As I mentioned, that mushroom skin was something different. The environment includes the wild mushroom over-cultured. Some people thought that they could still eat healthy mushrooms because it was edible and grew wild. I don't suggest that. Better if you have mushroomed in the wild untouched by human intervention, mushroom in forests and woods, over mushroom grown just in your gardens.

Mushroom loves organic matter, so some dump site suits the mushroom environment. It happened that mushrooms could adapt and absorb waste disposals, plastics and chemicals. Don't forage mushrooms as you see that his environment is full of waste.

In terms of mushroom farms, some have integrated mushroom and animal farming. Near the poultry houses or piggery, this is unsuitable for healthy mushroom consumers.

So better research the site where your mushroom farmers grow their produce.


Sometimes poisons also happen in the handle of your mushroom, some are not careful enough to pack the mushroom well, and the wrong handle also incused the harvesting time. Bad harvesting times result in premature or mature mushrooms. Matured harvested mushrooms are prone to rotting and placing the rotted mushroom flesh in the goods, which infects and contaminates the other good produce.

Also, harvesting your mushroom with high moisture content, high moisture content leaves more weight in terms of grams and kilograms. As I said, mushrooms are like sponges, so that they will absorb all the water. So buying your mushroom with high water content wasn't a good choice; also, it will lead to rot and spoilage of your mushrooms.

Remember that handling mushrooms in terms of cultivation is a broad practice, not only focused on the production menu, profit feasibility and health effects of your mushroom. Also, look for possible things to happen if we handle it with no care, focus, or idea.

So if you want to have a mushroom or just one mushroom bag, make sure not to bring it in a place where your child can enhance and exhale its spore, not in the waste near disposal and very important one handle it with care. Also, invest in yourself to prevent your health risk.

I also just wanted to thank FUNGI LOVER Community for the membership. I was surprised and happy to see that I am now a member of a growing community of FUNGI LOVERS. Thank you very much.


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Oh, so you just can't eat wild mushrooms. That is new to me. I was thinking before if ever I got into a plane crush in the forest, I will look for mushrooms to eat, HAHA! Now I know!

Haha super science fiction naman to haha. Well when you were in forest it much better to be with me so you will be safe all the time uwu.

Good mushroom gone bad 😂😂😂
I was pretty sure even edible mushrooms had some sort of toxins like mycotoxins and aflotoxins

Yeah it goes to unclean and environmental factors actually hehe toxins such mycotoxins happened in the contamination dominantly the molds, and also aflatoxins happened in over moistured fruiting bodies. Uwu I am supervisor back then so those kind of rejects, it's a big no to me haha. Rejects is waste yet I don't; healthy consumption was priority.

Well obviously rejects can still be consumed if we're being practical. But isn't there like cooking treatment for those before consumption. Like since aflotoxins deteriorate at 40+°C, isn't regular cooking sufficient for them as pret-treatment

New knowledge again..thanks for sharing.
Kaya ako din, pumipili ng mushroom because I know that some are poisonous...mahirap na...

Ay trueness Ms. Jane, careful enough and somehow if it's not familiar with you, better not take it nalang hehe.

I admire individual na mahilig talaga sa mushrooms ako kasi hindi ewn kolang kaya wala dina kong alam kung anong dapat at di sapat sa mushroom hehe.

Things are easily be learned in today ages for its all available in internet. Somehow we just had to be look carefully in reading as we were curious.

The only mushroom we eat are those who grows in hays. Haha, can't trust other mushrooms in the wild for sure. Just curious bro, is it true that you can grow mushrooms in a hay if you spread salt in it then just let it be for a week or so?

Anyway, have some !PIZZA

Yeah it's possible, hehe. Mushroom spores are everywhere. But the idea in there is that you won't be sure what mushroom will be grown haha. So some ink mushroom or anything even poison

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In short, taking care of mushrooms is no joke. You must also be a responsible owner.

I was afraid of the appearance of the mushrooms in the unclean production. I can't scroll up any more, I feel like mushrooms are going to chase me, lol.

Haha its actually easy to identify the unclean one, most of they have this stains in there color, so when there was some spot of brown coloring its actually identified as contaminated, uwu.

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And this one explains why my lungs became so sensitive na.huhu. I just noticed it when I we're still harvesting a lot of mushrooms from the dayami. Ofcourse we will not eat it right away and some will be left for the morning.
I see some dust around it and I was fascinated by it . Actually I inhaled some and that began my sufferings. At night I began to cough. Don't know kung yun din cause ng almost a month na cough namin dito sa bahay noon.

Even if it's edible talaga we can't avoid not to be killed by it by those factors affecting it. That's why it's better to be safe ..than t be a dead body later where those mushrooms will grow😅

What theeee.. Thats a big risk in the lung bro, next time have the nose protection, the dust-like was spores of a mushroom, and yeah I also witnessed that rice straw were prone to molds, sometimes green or black molds are in the rice straw also they are fungi and also cause lung problem.

Since then when we're harvesting mushrooms I cover my nose na kasi once na nakainhale ako nun panigurado ubo na naman.
Kaso nga lang masarap mag ulam eh..😅

Wow! This was a very comprehensive explanation! I want to produce mushrooms for our own consumption but I feel intimidated. I don't know which ones are edible and which ones are poisonous. I'm going to take a very careful look at your guides. Thank you!


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