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Today I want to participate again in #FungiFriday with a post full of photos. Fungi Friday is a simple initiative that you can join by publishing a post focused on mushrooms theme: photos, stories, what you have available, as long as it concerns mushrooms. The reference community for my post is the Fungi Lovers community, take a look at it if you don't know it yet, especially if molds are a recurring theme in your habits as a reader or writer.

My post is essentially a collection of photos taken during a trip to the mountains surrounding the city where I live in. I reached the place a little less than two months ago, taking an outing in the woods: as usual, I didn't find edible mushrooms, just a few midgets that I decided to leave where it was. Instead, I picked up some chestnuts along the way, even though the harvest season was yet to come: I managed to fill a tiny bag before returning home, just enough to cook some boiled chestnuts.

But ... let's go to the point.

I took the photos thanks to my smartphone, almost always in automatic mode. I then left the photos in the archive, to dust everything off a few days ago, choosing the acceptable ones and retouching the colors and exposures thanks to an open-source graphics suite: if you would like to try it, you can find more information HERE.

I don't know the vast majority of the mushrooms portrayed, so I want to stress not to consider these mushrooms edible and never to pick or eat mushroom specialties that you don't know. Let's see an initial overview of the photos obtained.











At last, I found a mushroom that I know: or rather, something very similar. I am not absolutely sure, so I invite you not to collect such mushrooms if you are not sure of their nature. Where I come from, they call it Drum Mace. It's an edible mushroom, but I'm not a lover of it. I have often seen it cooked on pans or wire racks like a slice of meat, and seasoned with salt, oil, lemon, and spices.



Its name, I understand from a search on the web, would be Macrolepiota Procera.
It is a mushroom to which to pay a lot of attention: there are species, one in particular, highly toxic and extremely similar. One of the useful methods to recognize them - and which they taught me since I was a child at school - is the orientation of the ring present on the stem, just below the cap of the mushroom: in this particular species, the ring opens and look upward. A similar but also extremely toxic species is Amanita phalloides, a mushroom that contains alpha-amanitin, a real poison for humans. It usually differs quite well, due to the absence of noticeable spots on the hat, instead present on the drum mace.
A second type that I discovered on the web is practically identical to the drum mace, especially if it is small and young. Looking for news, I found experts who talk about 2 fundamental characteristics that allow us to differentiate them:

  • the stem, very knurled in the Macrolepiota procera; brighter, smooth, or composed of long rectilinear roughness in the poisonous species;
  • the flesh of the stem: if cut, the flesh of the drum mace remains white, unlike the poisonous species where it turns to yellow-orange.
    In short: pay attention!

The rest of the article is the second roundup of photos among those taken. Let's see them together.











And with that, I finish my post. I hope you enjoyed it, or at least it didn't bore you. Soon I'll publish a post with black and white images, to give a more creative touch to my post. In the meantime, a greeting and have a good day. :)

Ps. I heard about a senior who has changed residence in these last few days. A thought goes to him in its new adventure.


I don't think I would even touch any of these mushrooms but they look great in your photos which are absolutely stunning!

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