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Today I went to see what's going on in the woods about 40 kilometers from my hometown in the hope to find some Mushroom Monday material.


And I did found some. But not much.


Only a small group of these yellow mushrooms. The Armillaria mellea. They grow at the base of various trees, deciduous and conifers, causing the rotting of the roots.
The mushrooms are edible but some people may be intolerant to them. I never tried them.
The main part of the fungus is hidden underground and under the bark of the trees where the mycelial threads may extend for great distances. This stuff is practically invisible until the fruiting bodies, the lovely yellow mushrooms, appear.


I photographed also these pinky flowers while there, in the woods. These are flowers of the Colchicum autumnale, a poisonous plant that blooms In autumn and decorates the woods when many springtime flowers can't be seen around.
The symptoms of poisoning with this plant are similar to those of arsenic, and no antidote is known.
The poisonous mushrooms aren't the only potentially lethal stuff in these woods.


And that's it. It was just a short excursion, and I don't have much to show. As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


mycelial threads may extend for great distances.

I've been reading about this. My respect for fungi has grown enormously.

How come I never found mushrooms in the fields around me!! You could find mushrooms wherever you go! Perhaps I have to propagate mushrooms one day!


Yay! 🤗
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Geez, such pretty poison, but that is a nice metaphor for life I guess.

Such mushrooms are very rare in our country. We don't see much of such mushrooms. I got a chance to see the pictures of this mushroom through your post. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

Wow! There are a lot of beautiful Mushrooms in your post. I haven't ever seen such as beautiful Mushrooms before. Thanks for sharing..

Yellow mushrooms and pink flowers are really nice photography.

Wonderful capture by you ❤️

this mushroom is very beautiful and unique and of a very bright color and looks very cool...

very good shot...

Nice hard work brother and amazing photography ❤️❤️👏


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