in Fungi Loverslast year

Mushrooms are pretty hard to find this autumn, here where I live. A couple of days ago, I went for a walk through the woods in the hope to find some, but there was a bit of driving to be done first because I was planning to explore the inland area about sixty kilometers from my hometown.


I didn't catch anything big or spectacular ...


... but the small things I found on that occasion were pretty interesting ...


... and, fortunately, I have the macro lens that can create a bit of spectacle using only that minuscule stuff.
While photographing this Mycena mushroom, probably Mycena leptocephala, but I'm not sure about the exact species ...


... some small creature appeared from the opposite side of the stalk and quickly hid under the closed umbrella of the cap.


This is the young nymph of some leafhopper. Quite a few seemingly identical species can be seen around, so I can't tell you exactly which Cicadellidae is this.


The mushroom looked the best when photographed in the low natural light provided by the cloudy day. That required a relatively long exposure. The shutter speed was definitively too low to freeze the insect in motion, and since the leafhopper was mostly running up and down the stalk, getting always motion-blurred in the picture ...


... I decided to take a couple of consecutive shots using the burst mode and create a GIF or two later at home.


When the insect climbed on the top of the cap, it was time to get a few portraits, using the high shutter speed accompanied by the flash.


For this photograph, the minuscule leafhopper stood still long enough, so I was able to get the scene in natural light.


I spent almost an hour with this fast little creature.


The leaves around me ...


... and those above me ...


... were lovely and colorful, so the overall atmosphere wasn't so gray as the overcast sky could suggest.


A bit later, while sitting in the same spot, I noticed these two Tubaria furfuracea mushrooms.


Five or six meters further, I photographed some minuscule mushrooms that looked a bit like miniature versions of the large shaggy Parasols. I don't know what species is this.


After a bit of walking, I sat down again, to photograph another Tubaria furfuracea. This one was bigger than the previous two, but the cap wasn't completely spread and developed.


Here you can see a Laccaria laccata mushroom.


I found a small group near the place where the first mushroom of this post was photographed.


Some time later, on the way back to the car ...


... I found another small, elegant mushroom ...


... that I wasn't able to identify.


And that's it. As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


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Great finds! These are mine from Saturday's walk + hunt:




Cool catch. The first, colorful mushrooms look great.

Seems like they ain't edible.

Yes, they definitively don't look like a good meal.

Yay! 🤗
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some small creature appeared from the opposite side of the stalk and quickly hid under the closed umbrella of the cap.

This was really cool, running insects on the screen!! 👌

:D It's a bit like a mini video game. Catch the leafhopper and win!

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Image by barbara-orenya

Great photos and gifs! The keafhopper photos are neat. It's funny that you spent an hour to get those photos of it lol. But they are worth it!

:) Trying to catch an insect on camera often looks comedic. A lot of laughable sneaking, waiting in strange contorted poses, a lot of panic as the small bustards run away. :D A bit of swearing too. Funny stuff.

🤣 that does sound hilarious

Miniature mushrooms, similar to psilocybin ones, but not them)))


these were my faves/highlights of your post

and the cicadilla ofc... 🤸 I deduce so that you fall in love with her, right?.. 😉

Love was in the air :)

Very beautiful photos. The small dude has begun to explore the area to see how the area looks like. It needs to be careful because there are a lot of predators out there waiting to feast on it.

Very good lighting, I know it's a little difficult to take pictures because of the small size of the mushrooms, and their position on the ground directly

Yes, the light is usually low and gloomy on the forest floor.

I really like seeing high quality moving photos, maybe I can learn to make them again.
Thank you for sharing the beauty of the day 🥰🥰🤗🤗

Lovely, The photos are very clear. 🤩📸👏

Btw I'm also sharing a mushroom photo today, but your photo is really interesting 📸👏🙌

Those small black mushrooms that you photographed also look very interesting. The red millipede looks great. Great and interesting post.

Thank you very much 🤗

Looks like I'm getting interested in mushrooms... 😁

Cool. There is a lot to explore with mushrooms.

Thanks a lot my brother 🤗

Glad you like my post ☺🤝

Waow 😍

wow very nice picture of mushrooms😍

Thank you.

you're welcome, nice to be friends with you🤝