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I drove about sixty kilometers north of my hometown to get the photographs for today's post.


The day was nice and sunny. A great and comfortable day for humans on weekend hikes and picnics, but not so much for mushrooms.


I found only a handful of small ones ...


... on my walk through the woods.


This is the Psathyrella corrugis. It's a very common small mushroom in the woods. Isn't toxic, but because of the watery flesh with not much flavor is considered inedible.


These mushrooms grew in a place covered with two types of fallen leaves. The broad leaves from the deciduous trees, and needles from the conifers.


Not far from the Psathyrella corrugis mushrooms ...


... I came across two cones fallen from the pine trees. Probably you already noticed that one of these cones is covered with a greenish layer ... of something. It looked like a mold or some other fungal phenomenon ...


... so I mounted the macro lens and got closer.


A look through the macro lens revealed a lichen. Being a composite organism that arises from algae or cyanobacteria living among filaments of various fungi species in a mutualistic relationship, the lichen definitively deserves a place in this post.


After an hour of aimless, more or less spiral or circular rambling around the forest, during which I didn't find any mushroom, only these colorful red leaves still attached to the plant ...


... I finally found another fungus.


I wasn't able to identify this solitary mushroom that looked like a helmet, or like it's wearing the helmet.


Here you can take a look at the gills. Not far from this mushroom, a step or two further ...


... I came across a lovely, colorful caterpillar.


This is the larva of the Acronicta rumicis moth.


After approximately another hour of walking and sniffing around, I found some really minuscule mushrooms, well hidden in the leaf litter.


I found them in a dark, humid place when I removed the fallen leaves. Since the light was low there, I used the flash for the first two photographs.


But the translucent mushrooms looked much better in the subdued natural light ...


... so I decided to put the camera on the ground, set the timer, and take a couple of long exposure shots. They look like little ghosts or woodland jellyfish when photographed that way.


Some minutes later, while walking towards the sunnier part of the forest, I photographed the beautiful, feather-like foliage of the Robinia pseudoacacia tree.


The next stop was under the tall pines, where I found this Strobilurus trullisatus mushroom.


Here you can take a good look at the gills and in the following photograph ...


... you can see a minuscule springtail hanging from a gill.


Not far from there I found a Psathyrella longipes mushroom ...


... in a strange, horizontal position.


I passed by this unusual scene ...


... and soon found a pair of Psathyrella corrugis mushrooms.


Some minutes later I was back in my car, ready to drive back home, so the post ends here, with these lovely, small mushrooms.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


Bro, the mushroom looks like the hat you wear in your picture lol. Nice pics as usual man. Keep rockin!


:) Thanks for the pizza snack.

I believe the top ones are Panaeolus foenisecii aka mower mushroom as they are often found on lawns while mowing the grass. Sadly it is not edible, field guides used to list it as having psychedelic compounds in it but now it has been found to have no hallucinogenic compounds in it.

Yes, it looks like that one too. Plenty of confusing similarities among small brownish mushrooms with that kind of shape. :) Don't tell anybody that isn't psychedelic anymore, placebo may still work :D Why break the party.

Haha it will be a psychology experiment where everyone says its psychedelic then acts stone while the one guy who isn't in on the joke has to act high or think he's immune to the effects.


This is lovely ... from small to great ... these little humble mushrooms and their companions of the mid-autumn...

That's a long way to drive for some mushroom pictures, but I'd say it was a successful day. That's a really awesome shot of that lichen on those cones.

Yes, this year is more dry than usual so I drive more than usual because I find less interesting mushrooms in my immediate surroundings.

Show us how you cook edible fungi.

I haven't found anything worth cooking this year :D

hello buddy @borjan
the macro photography that you show this time,,"perfect"
I was shaking my head when I saw it, oh yes my friend, the top mushroom you show contains toxic substances, you should never try it, it is very dangerous. thank you buddy for sharing, I will wait for the next episode from you.

Thank you :) Glad you like the post.

Some of these little mushrooms look really pretty and cool and I really like and thank you so much for showing us some of these cool mushrooms.

I like all your posts.
All the mushrooms, and the forest, are so beautiful

Here's the cool mushroom mushroom you showed me.

Nice post! I love those little we mushrooms.
Impressive macro of the caterpillar and cones too.

Wow,,, This is a very cool and tiny mushroom mushroom. I think you @borjan are quite careful when taking pictures.

Yes :) Usually, I'm fairly careful.

very good mushrooms, combined with a slightly dark light

You shared some awesome mushroom photography today. The upper part of the first looked like a tent. However the caterpillar looks very scary. Seeing these, my body became scared.

Lovely shots..

I see mushroom related pictures alot these days. Seems like it's a mushroom season.

Yes :) is the mushroom season in some parts of the world.

I see :)

Really amazing photos, shot from the right angle and the results are amazing

very good mushrooms, and the color has a beautiful and unique beauty


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