Mushroom Monday - AUTUMN ON MY LAWN

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When I woke up late in the morning, on that sunny Tuesday some months ago ...


... and stepped out of the house to stretch my legs and clear my sleepy mind ...


... I noticed a multitude of small mushrooms ...


... very elegant small umbrellas ...


... intertwined with the clover on my lawn ...


... forming a lovely pattern ... when seen from the heights of my human prospective, from high enough above to look like something seen through the eyes of a bird ... or drone.


The exact date was 10. November 2020 ... I learned that through the small calendar in the low right corner of the desktop ...


... and the old pomegranate tree in my garden ...


... has turned into seasonal gold ...


... that autumnal magic will soon disappear ...


... the tree will lose most of its yellow foliage with the next strong wind ...


... but for now everything is calm and colorful ... kind of perfect.


With this shot ... the focus is back on the mushrooms ...


... this is a Mushroom Monday post, after all.


Coprinellus disseminatus is the name of this incap species.


Unlike most other coprinoid mushrooms ...


... Coprinellus disseminatus does not dissolve into black ink at the end of its fruiting body cycle.


Maybe you already noticed the small creatures on the mushrooms ... here on this enlargeable shot ...


... these are springtails ...


... the minuscule Sminthurus viridis ...


... known also as clover springtail ... a European species that was unintentionally spread all around the world.


I found some lovely, very small flowers ...


... here among the mushrooms. These are the yellow flowers of the Oxalis stricta plant.


This elegant blue flower ...


... that regularly appears on my lawn in big numbers ...


... is the flower of the Veronica persica plant.


With the following shot ...


... the focus is shifting back to the pomegranate tree ...


... a few fruits are still hanging on the branches ...


... but most have been picked, eaten ... or fallen to slowly dissolve into the soil.


The leaves from the fig trees ...


... were also slowly falling, back then in November.


The cat called Malatz ...


... was daydreaming on the lawn while I was sniffing around mushrooms in search for interesting details, so he ended up on some photographs.


And that's it ... with these last few shots ...


... of the Coprinellus disseminatus, is time to end today's post ...


... as always in these fungi - oriented autumnal reports here on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


Malatz is enjoying the sun. I notice the cats that live outside our house (they have little houses with heating pads) always catch some rays for at least some time during the day, even when it's cold. They have a favorite spot. It's kind of a depression but catches sun as it travels from southeast to northwest. I think they must need the vitamin D. Just guessing.

The whole blog is wonderful. The mushrooms pretty. But Malatz is beautiful :)

Good observations about cats and the sun :)

This tiny mushroom looks like it is living happily with its family ..... what a very beautiful and interesting shot ..


Great photos !!! It feels like I was watching some kind of exhibition of paintings somewhere in the gallery, and not the usual post on HIVE!

I did not notice any special processing of the photo, are these the original photos or are they slightly edited?

Thanks :) glad you like this photo report from my lawn. The photographs are originals ... the autumnal light was beautiful and didn't need enhancements, I used flash for the close up shots ... the photographs with the cat have a slight yellow tone added in Photoshop ... but everything else is made in the camera.

#Mushroommonday is one of my favourite tags of teh week - these are so sweet! Lovely photos.

Thanks :) There is always something interesting going on in Mushrommonday and Fungifriday,

Your lawn is magical and full of strange creatures plus tiny mushrooms. The golden tree is fabulous! Your body guard cat us working hard to protect you from strange visitors from other galaxies!

Such a dreamy garden!

:D The strange, bizarre planet awaits just outside the house door.

The little green bug is king of the pleated ink caps.

:D King of the fungi jungle.

You framed mushrooms, a pomegranate tree, a cat, and few little flowers. After all really amazing photographs by @borjan

True :D I did frame them.

mushrooms are one the best veges that i like and they are yummy when grilled. nice pictures. cheers

Cheers :) Yes, mushrooms can be a great food. I like them a lot too.