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Today I went driving around an area about twenty-thirty kilometers from home. And I had no mushrooms or any other kind of fungal stuff in mind ...


... but at one point, when I stopped and took a walk across the meadow ...


... not far from the first houses of the small village called Mednjan ...


... I came across a group of Agaricus campestris. These edible mushrooms, closely related and very similar to the cultivated Agaricus bisporus - the typical champignons present on pizzas and supermarket shelves all over the globe are very common on the meadows across Istra, the peninsula on which I live, but not in winter. They usually appear at the end of summer and can be abundant throughout the first half of the autumn. The autumn of 2021 wasn't a great time for mushrooms. The weather was mostly nice but pretty dry. Only a couple of species could be seen, and many common mushrooms skipped the season and didn't appear. I saw only a couple of Agaricus campestris in the first days of the official autumn, and judging by the way the weather conditions continued to evolve, didn't expect to see them till the next year's mushroom season. That's why this was a highly unexpected encounter for me. Most of the fruiting bodies were like the one in this photograph, young and still partially closed. From a distance, they look like eggs or stones hidden in the grass ...


... around this beautiful, old olive tree.


Only one mushroom had the cap spread enough to allow a look at the gills underneath it. To take this photograph I had to use my hands and dig a shallow ... I don't know the exact word ... I mean, it's not really a hole. Just removed a bit of soil to get the camera low enough for the shot.


Agaricus campestris it's a delicious mushroom. Tastes a lot like the cultivated champignon, but the flavor is more intense in these wild Agaricus. Didn't pick them though, because I have plenty of other food to eat these days, so ...


... if you are planning to take a walk around that area - the mushrooms are still there. 😎

And that's it. Have a great Monday. As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


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@tipu curate 🍄

It’s been long I saw some mushrooms, when I was younger in the village my grandma uses the edible mushrooms to cook for me, I love eating them 🙂

What shape were the mushrooms? Standard or were they different looking?

I was so little then, can’t really recall the shape. That was in the village ever since I grew up I haven’t been to the village and it’s been long I saw mushrooms. But I know some looks like an umbrella ☂ lol

Yes ☂️☂️they taste pretty good. Much better than the real umbrellas.

Hahaha that’s for sure 🙂🙂

I have never seen this mushroom before, this is a rare mushroom in my place, this mushroom is really big, it looks like one mushroom can be eaten for 3 or 4 people, or it just looks big on camera, I don't know what it looks like

It's like winter doesn't exist over there lol. It is at perfect harvesting age.

😃 True, winter rarely looks like winter here. Maybe next week we'll have a bit of cold, I heard it on TV.

If it was on tv I give it a 10% chance of happening.

heeeemmm, the mushroom is very fertile, it can be seen that it grows on the ground, can this type of mushroom be consumed, I hope you are always healthy, friend

Yes, this one is edible and relatively easy to tell apart from the poisonous.

thank you all for the information, if I find this type of mushroom I will definitely try it,

I advise consulting someone who has a good knowledge of mushrooms in your area first. 🙂 Even the safest mushrooms can be tricky, and species vary from area to area, so my post can't be a definitive guide.

Oky ready, if I find this type of mushroom, I will ask first before consuming it,

Wow, isn't it too cold for mushrooms now? 😀 Nice ones btw 👌

Yes 😃it should be too cold, but it's relatively warm and humid. Early autumn atmosphere.

Ha ha..the mushrooms are still there. 😎
Have a !PIZZA

Wow very big mushroom

That actually looks like a creature at first compared to be a plant. Still taking some time for me to stare on it

Their pattern is tricky to the eyes especially when you have to pick it out from the tangles of the forest.

The mushroom looks really awesome. I was the first to wonder if it was a potato! Really awesome mushroom you found.


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