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I had to refresh the registration of my car yesterday, which means that I had to do a few small repairs and buy a new set of tires, so I drove to a garage at the outskirts of the city ... and now :D you may ask : "WTF this has to do with mushrooms and stuff, dude!?"


Well ... while I was waiting for the car - doctors to finish their work, I went for a walk behind the last houses of that suburban neighborhood, to see what's going on in that mysterious area between the city and the countryside ... and, as you can see on this opening shot, I found some polypore mushrooms.


These are the Gloeoporus dichrous fungi, the only species I found ...


... in a small, but dense and pretty wild grove ...


... behind some ordinary suburban houses.


Sometimes the Gloeoporus dichrous fruiting body grows like a crust, completely attached to the rotting wood ... and sometimes ...


... looks more like a Turkey tail mushroom.


I had only about half an hour to find the fungi and take these shots, because the people in the repair shop were extremely fast and efficient.


The call came just when I was patiently waiting for two butterflies to stop flying around my head and give me the opportunity to take a decent shot. I gave them three more minutes to take a rest on some twig or down in the grass ... I was trying some telepathic persuasion, and I think it worked ... one of those beautiful Large tortoiseshells (Nymphalis polychloros) landed on some fallen oak leaves, and stayed there very short, but long enough to take this picture ... and continue speed walking back to the garage ...


Although I was quite a bit in a hurry, I just couldn't ignore these white flowers ...


... of the Prunus spinosa plant ... that grows in the form of a small tree, that can be easily mistaken for a shrub ... these little trees form dense, impenetrable groves filled with long thorns. And now ...


... with this enlargeable Gloeoporus dichrous portrait, where you can take a better look at its structure, it's time to end this short fungi - themed excursion. I'm very pleasantly surprised that I'm able to present something for this Fungi Friday, didn't think I'll find any fungi these days, but life is unpredictable enough to give you a mushroom near the repair shop ... sometimes :)
As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


Sneaky little butterfly. I have seen painted ladies land on mushrooms drinking the guttation (excess fluid) off mushrooms. Sadly this is a nearly impossible shot to capture.

Very interesting ... never noticed them on mushrooms ... hope I'll see some cool Butterfly - Mushroom combination this year.

When the stars properly align and its not too dark out lol.


My focus on this dichrous gloeoporus mushroom looks very beautiful and unique and the mushroom has a very beautiful color texture ....

I like this phrase (I was testing a telepathic persuasion, and I think it worked ...) The butterfly apparently heard you she stood still posing for you, maybe you have a lot of persuasion power rather than telepathic powers with animals :)


wood mushrooms are very beautiful, and also butterflies are quiet, the atmosphere of the fields is also cool, very beautiful

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AMAZING photos!!!

Thanks :)